MOP Typo & Grammatical Error Megathread!

Bug Report
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quest: Gourmet Kafa, questgiver Cousin Gootfur
"All thats left is to collect the rest of the Kafa'goot and never make it again."

'thats' should have an apostrophe

taking the questgiver's use of 'muss' rather than 'mess' as an accent, as it happens repeatedly
Quest: Barring Entry, questgiver Kun Autumnlight
"You and He have single-handedly crippled the mogu advance."

'He' should be 'Lao'
Quest: The Guo-Lai Halls, automatically given when outside the entrance
The buff that stuns you after engaging Zhao-Jin the Bloodletter states you are "stunned by the force of Kamu Stormblade's grip."

'Kamu Stormblade' should be 'Zhao-Jin'
One of the things that Master Windfur says when you talk to him at the main building at the Temple of the White Tiger starts with "Xuen's challenge road the winds to my home in Jade Forest." Should be "rode the winds."
The Orgrimmar portal in the Shrine of Two moons is listed as "Ogrimmar"
Surprised no one has mentioned that Ella and Fish Fellreed's dialogues for achieving best friend status are swapped. Ella tells you she will give you pigs and Fish says she will give you her cat. Luna. Ella has the cats and Fish has the pigs.
The daily quest "Putting An Eye Out" reads, "To the west, I have seen creatures of mist and fog." It should say to the east, not west.

The Horde and Alliance both have very similar quests named "The Shado-Pan" in Kun-Lai Summit. Both quests include the text, "Rumor is they have a base of operations to the southeast, near Firebough Nook." In both cases, it should say to the southwest, not southeast.

About a third of the way down the page, in bold font, it says "Power Cycle you Network System". It should say 'Your' not You.

It also says it was updated on October 13th, 2012. No one caught that?... It was the first thing I saw scrolling down.
During the "Psycho Mantid" Quest,

you face a mob called "Adjunct Kree'zot.

His ability: Sha Spit

Inflicts 9750 to 10250 Shadow damage to enemeis within 5 yards.

to enemeis

enemeis should be Enemies.

Glad to help !
Item: Watermelon Bomb

It's a soulbound trinket earned from completing a quest in Pang's Stead in the Valley of Four Winds in Pandaria.

The "use" part of the item reads:

Use: Trow* a watermelon at** target location covering enemies in sticky watermelon which will prevent them from moving for 3 sec. Has no effect on players. (5 Min Cooldown)

*Trow should be changed to "throw" (Unless this is on purpose :O)
**The article "a" should be put between "at" and "target" so that it reads "at a target"
Please do not make separate threads for Typo bugs. Just post them here.
Quest: Getting Permission
Typo: Pandriarch Goldendraft says "A Wanderbrew wants to marry an Goldendraft?! Preposterous."

Should be "a Goldendraft".
quest: A Blade is a Blade, questgiver Ogo the Younger
on turn-in
"Unfortunatly, we have little time for customs."

'unfortunatly' should be 'unfortunately'
Golden Lantern Inn at Shrine of Seven Stars, Innkeeper Matron Vi Vinh invites you to try their soft and comfy featherbeads. That....that should be beds. *shudder*
quest: Seeing Red, questgiver Suna Silentstrike
"Remember, for every of their number that we strike down here, we save one of our own back at home."

should be 'for every one of'
after finding Lin during the quest Ranger Rescue, npc Ban Bearheart says this when you talk to him:
"I feel am deeply sorry for Lin's loss, but I must think of every soldier in my army."

'feel' should be removed
quest: Rummaging Through the Remains, questgiver Septi the Herbalist
"I do have another task for you, (player), though it's a might grim."

'might' should be 'mite'
quest: Enraged by Hatred, questgiver Taoshi
"It seems to have driven out of their hole and into our camp, hatred seething at invaders in their territory."

should be 'driven them out', and hatred and seething should be switched

(I feel like I've posted way too much in this thread but now that Tadge is also finished with everything except dailies I'll probably be done at least until my next Horde character moves to Mists)
Ban Bearheart when turning in Seeing Red, Pitching In, and Ranger Rescue (nice reference btw) at Fire Camp Osul says "I feel am sorry for Lin's loss". There's an extraneous word in there. "I feel" or "I am" would work, but "I feel am" is redundant.
In Lorewalker Cho's presentation of "What is Worth Fighting For", he says "Until Kang, the First of First Dawn, opened our eyes." It should be Kang, Fist of First Dawn.

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