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quest: Corruption Runs Deep, questgiver Hisek the Swarmkeeper
"Kor'ik says: He cannot allow him to live in this madness."

'he' should probably be 'we'

on turn-in
"The empresses' corruption is far reaching and hard to detect."

should be empress's, unless previous empresses have also been corrupting things
In Mogu'shan vaults, after killing Feng the Accursed, Lorewalker Cho says:

I will stay behind and investigate this dias further...

The word "dias" should read "dais" instead.


"Take Em All On!" achievement, and you have
"Win a solo pet battle aginst a pet of every family."

--Assuming you mean against ;)

Link below :)
quest: The Song of the Yaungol, questgiver the item of the same name
"Speak with Lorewalker Cho at the Seat of Kowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms."

'Kowledge' should be 'Knowledge'
In "Heart of Fear". Blade Lord Ta'yak says: "Thier" instead of "Their"
quest: The Ballad of Liu Lang, questgiver the item of the same name
on turn-in
"The long lost story of Lou Lang and his Wandering Isle".

'Lou' should be 'Liu"

and as noted earlier about Song of the Yaungol, this also has Knowledge written as Kowledge in the quest objective tracker - all of the similar Lorewalker quests appear to share this problem
Horde quest in Krasarang, "Going West": Dezco says, "I sent a scout investigate the crane temple."

Should be, "I sent a scout to investigate..."

Shado-Master Chong at the Shado-Pan Fallback, quest "Turnabout": "yaungol" is misspelled as "yungol" in the first sentence.

Wise Ana Wu at Nayeli Lagoon, quest "Misery": under "Quest Objectives" it says, "Put Nahassa out his misery."

Should be, "... out of his misery."

When you click on Na Lek at the Pools of Youth in Krasarang, the text reads, "<Na Lek smiles at you, and you feel young as though you have not felt in years.>"

That sentence just reads very awkwardly. Perhaps something like, "< ... you feel younger than you have felt in years.>" would be better.

Farmhand Bo in the Yaungol Advance, Kun-Lai: When you first speak with him, he asks, "Any would on help coming from Binan?"

Should be, "Any word …"

(Not MoP, but I just found this last night):
Silverpine Forest, Forsaken Rear Guard, quest "Give 'Em Hell!": the word "inequity" should be "iniquity".
The Wandering Widow scroll has an error in it. The passage reads: With that, her and her young son Liao Stormstout climbed aboard the turtle, among the first brewmasters to do so.

It should be,"With that, she and her young son....." This would be the second paragraph in the scroll. There also should be a comma after Liao Stormstout and possibly one after she.

With that, she, and her young son Liao Stormstout, climbed aboard the turtle...


With that, she and her young son, Liao Stormstout, climbed aboard the turtle... This reads much better.
Teya Dawnchaser in the Halfhill Market has a syntax error in her speach variables, she says
"Let us not bring bloodshed to this peaceful place,
I assume the missing b causes the brother:sister variable to misfire and print it as a whole string rather than deciding based on the gender of the player
Not technically MOP, but in Southern Barrens the quest "Make 'em Squeal" when you turn it in, the guy says, "Let's see what this what this is capable of".
Scenario lead-in quest from Brewmaster Bo in Mariska, "The Funky Monkey Brew":

Text reads, "Pirates! Our shores have been scoured by the most ill-tempered, ill-MANORED..."

That should be "ill-mannered". A manor is a fancy house/estate.


Angler daily quest, "Snapclaw":

Text reads, "A giant, poisonous crab is WRECKING havoc..."

Should be "wreaking", not "wrecking".

Wreak definition:


Vale of Eternal Blossoms quest, "Killing the Quilen":

The first sentence of the third paragraph reads, "Go and dispatch OF their beasts."

Either that "of" shouldn't be there, or it should read, "Go and dispatch some of their beasts."


Cloud Serpent daily, "Preservation":

After <Suchi takes a deep breath>, she says, "...they're EAT their eggs for dinner!"

"eat" should be "eating".
Only did beta with my mage, but now I'm on my hunter and got "Nesignwary's Signet." Presumably it should be Nesingwary's.
Francis the Shepherd Boy yells: Hey! Got out of here!

Should be "Get out of here!"

This would be valley of the four winds. Thanks.
Very old typo, but I haven't seen it mentioned yet. The dig site area known as Grimesilt Digsite is missing the "e" in Grime, while other references to the same dig site list it as Grimsilt without the "e". This is a Dwarf dig site in Searing Gorge. Yes, both refer to the same dig site, but the map blop name, tool tip, and other references are inconsistent.
Judgment for paladins....should be JUDG(E)MENT

adding Link from wikipedia.
Judgment for paladins....should be JUDG(E)MENT

adding Link from wikipedia.
Actually, Blizzard has this one spelled correctly.

And for the record, got replaced by quite some time ago. Same people, new site.
Not sure if these two had been reported yet:

The Golden Lotus Daily Quest "Cannonfire" says to Destroy 8 cannons, but only has you destroy 7.

The Golden Lotus Daily Quest "Roll Club: Serpent's Spine", once completed, says to return to "Kelari Feartherfoot" instead of "Kelari Featherfoot"
I am surprised this has yet to be reported.

The Death Knight level 30 talent "Purgatory" reads:

An unholy pacts grants you the ability to fight on through damage that would kill mere mortals. When you would sustain fatal damage, you instead are wrapped in a Shroud of Purgatory, absorbing incoming healing equal to the amount of damage prevented, lasting 3 sec.

If any healing absorption remains when Shroud of Purgatory expires, you die. Otherwise, you survive. This effect may only occur every 3 min.

It should read "An unholy pact..."

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