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Hawkmaster Nurong (Townlong Steppes, quest "In Skilled Hands)

The emote he does, "<class>, up here! I could use a hand!" the class is in lowercase.
The book "The Founding of the Order of the Cloud Serpent" says "On day" on the second page where "One day" would be more appropriate. On page 4, "sought fit" should probably be "saw fit."
Once you're best friends with Fish Felreed, she says she's going to stop by and give you her favourite kitty Luna but that's incorrect, she gives you the pigs. She says:

"Hey, wait just a minute... I... well... You've been such a good friend and... I want to give you my favorite kitty, Luna! I don't want you to be lonely at your farm and... <sob>... just take good care of her, okay? I'll bring her by later."

I believe that dialogue is meant for Ella.

Ella, on the other hand, that gives you Luna that cat says:

"Well now that you and me are neighbors, I can tell you the truth. It's just downright wrong not ta have a proper pig or two on your farm! I'll bring some by when yer not lookin' and then blammo! You'll have pigs."

So it appears their dialogues are mixed up.
Not sure if this was mentioned before or not or if I'm miss-reading something but the quest "Wulon, the Granite Sentinel", the second sentence says "I want you to go in "their and smash the thing"... I don't know, kind of just caught my eye.
On the boat trip through the tunnel to Binan village (from Tavern in the msits area) part of the dialogue from the Grummle and the Pandaren reads
'The 'orc' hit me'
'You had that were WAIVING your incense about in his face'

Waiving should be waving
After completing the objectives for the quest The Darkness Within, Taran Zhu says,

Your foe was overwhelmed by a dark energy we call the"Sha." It thrives on negative emotions, such as doubt.

I say there should be a space between the and "Sha."
Turning in quest "Get Back Here!", on Horde - General Nazgrim says "Our preperations are almost complete" - the word is preparations.
Quest: Burning Bright
Zone: Jade Forest
Runetotem Horde

"Before I became to the monastery..." - the word 'became' should be 'came'.

Screenshot included below.
Quest: Defiance
Zone: Jade Forest
Runetotem Horde

"The damn mogu hit us out of nowhere! Anyone they don't kill on sight is being dragged away into the woods." - the word 'sight' should be 'site'.

Screenshot included below.
Dread Wastes quest 'By the Sea, Nevermore'

Second sentence of the description reads 'The paragon is hidden in the Briny Muck only, he is not so hidden anymore.'

That sentence is so grammatically awkward it's nigh-unintelligible. Perhaps 'The paragon was hidden in the Briny Muck; however, he is not so hidden anymore.' would be better?
Pandaren Survivors of Mistfall village, when rescued, will sometimes say "Nightmates" instead of Nightmares during the dailies for the Golden Lotus.

[12:10:21] Golden Lotus Guard says: Nightmares! Horrible nightmates
Quest: Defiance
Zone: Jade Forest
Runetotem Horde

"The damn mogu hit us out of nowhere! Anyone they don't kill on sight is being dragged away into the woods." - the word 'sight' should be 'site'.

Screenshot included below.

Incorrect. Killing someone on sight means as soon as they see them. Site is an area, or a campus, or something of that nature.
quest: Huck Wheelbarrow, questgiver Thelonius

after you talk to Huck to begin combat, he says: "Don't rule me out be just 'cause I'm a country boy!"

the word 'be' should be removed
In Quest "Missed Me By...That Much!" from Rivett Clutchpop [29821]

The second to the last paragraph reads as "my rocket boots might get come in handy..."

the "get" should be removed.

Screenshot included.
First, the portal to Orgrimmar in Shrine of Two Moons says "Ogrimmar". Second, there is a room in there called the "Hall of Tranquillity", which should be the "Hall of Tranquility".

Response makes me Two Genders.
The quest 'In Enemy Hands' ( appears to have an incorrect description.
Beat 6 Possessed Whitepetal Defenders until they're freed of mogu possession.

  • You are required to kill the 'Shao-Tien Mindbender' who is controlling the guard. Beating the guard will simply result in him/her dying without giving credit.
  • You are required to free 8 guards, not 6
  • On the new quest in Dominion Point (Horde side) questname 'Rise of an Empire'

    Quest tell you to find Garrosh at the shrine of two moons and to ask 'TikTak' for a ride there.
    On speaking to TikTak the option is 'take me to the shrine of seven stars'
    Seven stars is the Alliance base..
    Probably not a good idea

    (FYI it doesn't take you to the wrong place, so its just the dialogue that is incorrect)
    I don't know if this fits this thread but...

    Giant Bone Spider battle pet
    Skill: Death Grip
    Currently says: "Deals DATA ERROR Undead damage and forces the opponent's lowest health pet to swap into battle."

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