MOP Typo & Grammatical Error Megathread!

Bug Report
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Master Windfur says "Xuen's challenge road the wind" during Round 4: Master Windfur
NPC Or'dac at domination point. His subname reads brackenwall emisary which should be emissary.
A Gift For Old Hillpaw (daily)
"I don't realy know where....."
When doing the quest In Skilled Hands, Hawkmaster Nurong yelled to me "paladin, over here!" as opposed to "Paladin, over here!" (First letter of his sentence should be capitalised).
The Messenger Grummle at Domination Point's dialogue is "This place is to warm and sticky and smells of bad fortune."

'to' should be 'too'
quest: Someone You Should See, questgiver Messenger Grummle

if you try to talk to Vol'jin, it says <Vol'jin lies on the floor unconcious and barely breathing.>

'unconcious' should be 'unconscious'
quest: Regeneration Takes Time, questgiver Chen Stormstout

'Across the mountain tops of the Secret Aerie you will find needle sprites.'

think 'mountain tops' should be one word
End of quest 'De-subjugation'; Thrall says ' Please (name) do not tell with Garrosh what we have done here today...'

Should read either
'do not tell Garrosh' or
'do not speak with Garrosh about' but not the interesting mix of both that it currently is.
Funereal Ashes
90 Goblin Mage
Finally, found a spelling mistake in WoW. lol
13 hours ago
At any graveyard, when you speak to the Spirit to rez you, it says 25% damage, etc. when in reality it is now 75% for rez sickness. This should be corrected to match what is the actual debuff.
Giant Bone Spider
Death Grip - Deals DATA ERROR Undead damage
Two things, both rather funny xD
Priest spell in the Glyphs page displays incorrect range and damage for Holy Nova.
RealID displays incorrect offline time. 43 years? I didn't know this game was so old!
When you talk to the chief in Grookin Hill about a guide, he mentions his son Riku.

His name is Riko.
I just did the quest "Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure" from a long time ago to get "Captain Sanders' Shirt" but it actually should be "Captain Sanders's Shirt". The reasoning is his name ends in an s making the possessive form have an 's after it. ex: If it were Michael Myers who owned the shirt, it would be Michael Myers's Shirt. Don't know if anybody actually cares though.
The final quest I did for the P3 golden lotus dailies yesterday to kill the big granite quilen in Guo-Lai Halls or w/e it's called - the text quest says:

"go in their"

Should be "go in there."
quest: Clearing A Path, questgiver Lor'themar Theron

'First thing's first.'

remove the apostrophe

during the same quest, while Ranger Orestes is following you, he says:

'Let's see how this one's bleeds...'

'one's' should just be 'one'
I've already sent a message regarding the bug in the Hozen Love Their Keys quest (namely that the boss's key does nothing to release the imprisoned yeti). I've noticed there have been multiple threads relating to this bug already, yet they've all been 404'd. Curious....Please let me know if there is some kind of work-around here. Again, I'd really like to know. - N
Pearlfin Village quest from Admiral Taylor, "Let Them Burn". The last sentence reads:

"Now is the time to destroy them indefinitely."

That makes no sense. I suspect the last word should be "definitively", not "indefinitely".
When trying to purchase another gem from Wrathion

'I would like to upgarde another sha-touched weapon. Can you help?'

Should be 'upgrade'.

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