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NPC in Shrine of Two Moons:

[08:37] Jong Jun-Keet says: Can we got back to Kun-Lai? The air smells funny here.

Assuming it should be "go back".
Not sure if it's been posted as I don't feel like going back to read others:

Wrathion in Tavern of the Mists if you want to purchase another Sha-touched gem has a dialogue bubble:

"I would like to upgarde another sha-touched weapon, can you help?:
Achievement "One Many Army," Is this supposed to read "One Man Army?"
quest: What Had To Be Done, questgiver Veressa Windrunner

"Jaina has gone off to Stormwind, to meet with Varian."

They're at Lion's Landing in Krasarang, not Stormwind.
Tooltip for Glyph of Holy Nova says "Causes an explosion of holy light around the caster, causing $s1 Holy Damage to all enemy targets within $A1 yards and healing up to 5 targets within 10 yards for 139.50"

Pretty sure those variables ought to be numbers.
quest: The Monkey King, questgiver Anduin Wrynn

at the end of the escort, Anduin says:
'Once I cast this, defeat the Jade Warlord before he can get his barrings.'

'barrings' should be 'bearings'
quest: The Second Riddle: Fellowship, questgiver the Monkey King

after using the hammer, Sam the Wise says:

'Be warned, this recipe has been handed down from generation to generation, tought to my family by the great Monkey King himself.'

'tought' should be 'taught'

the item for the quest, The Metal Brew

'paring' should be 'pairing', 'truely' should be 'truly'
quest: The Harmonic Ointment, questgiver The Monkey King

on turn-in

'But a lot has happened since the world tore assunder.'

'assunder' should be 'asunder'
when you win the daily Sky Race quest, you're given a buff called 1st place that says:

'Fiinished in 1st place in the Sky Race!'

'Fiinished' should be 'Finished'
In the exalted Klaxxi quest chain, the guy says "your gods are not your gods" but the voice over clearly says: "your gods are not OUR gods" which makes a lot more sense.

First, let me say, I LOVE THIS NEW STORYTELLING. I didn't see the end of cata, so I can't comment on that, but as compared to everything I have experienced in WoW (and I've been there since the beginning), this ranks up there. The way that scenarios can be replayed and enjoyed, the immersive elements of the story, the solo time with heroes of races (and heroes are SOOO important, and need to be played up more) is simply great.

So two thumbs and a toe up to your efforts, keep up the good work.

Now, as to a very minor issue.

You have some grammar errors, I'm pretty sure: "...I have any right to try force the..." s/b "...I have any right to try to force the..." In addition, later on (not in the quest text, a certain NPC /says to you after completing the de-subjugating quest) it says.... "Please, XXXX, do not tell with..." and s/b "Please, XXXX, do not tell..." (remove with)
OK, so I have noticed that most if not all of the trinkets dropped off Heroic dungeons in MoP their Procs are labeled wrong, for instance the Flashing Steele Talisman on the Blizz site is different from the WoWhead proc. stats, as well as the Carbonic Carbuncle to the WoWhead one , I have seen it for multiple others as well even LFR even for the ,so if the ones in game are correct, I would have to say that the Proc. is of no benefit to anyone in the lvl range of these trinks, no lvl 90 would gain any benefit to say the proc. of 103 Crit strike for 30 seconds, nor would a lvl 90 benefit from a Proc. of 129 agility for 15 seconds, I mean if stats hold true from expansions before, the higher the lvl, the more of a stat you need to see a difference or benefit, so my question is this, Are the stats on Remote right?, or are the stats on WoWhead right?
Matron Vi Vinh says: I have the softest featherbeads you can find for a thousand miles.

Innkeeper in Shrine of Seven Stars.

That should be "featherbeds".
Narrok, a Master Pet Tamer in Nagrand, says this when you click on him:

'We must work together to preserve what nativel life remains in Nagrand.'

'nativel' should be 'native'
tooltip for the Infinite Whelpling battle pet:

'You better belive he knows what time it is.'

'belive' should be 'believe'
Quest: The second riddle: Fellowship. The Metal Brew, the quest item you get has flavor text with truly incorrectly spelled truely.
Quest: Rematch in the Red Crane August Celestial dailies.

Reward: Letter in the mail from Thelonius titled: The Fine Line between Hope and Despair

"Your lesson for today is that hope can turn into dispair in a heartbeat. Ellia is learning this lesson the hard way."

"dispair" should be "despair"
When doing the quest "The Second Riddle: Fellowship", Sam the Wise has 2 dialogue typos. First, he says "tought to my family by the great Monkey King..." tought should be taught.
Second, the following line is "It's flavor is intended for friends..." "It's" should be "Its".
More of an inconsistency than a typo: the Dominance Offensive daily, "Sentry Wards". The first paragraph in the description uses the word "griffon". While this is one spelling of the word, to my knowledge, the game has always used the original spelling "gryphon".
"Ominous Seed" received from harvesting crops at the ranch says "A mysterious seed eveloped...", should be "enveloped".

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