13/13 Mythic Daytime raiding L4 Tank!

Guild Recruitment
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Some solid progression on Heroic Horridon yesterday. We should see a kill soon!
Heroic Horridon down, 3 bosses in a week, amazing job team. 5/13 heroic, Council and Iron Qon next on the hit list. Be prepped.

Good week getting to 5/13 Heroic with the Heroic Horridon kill. Keep it up! ^_^
Looking for a Rogue and Spriest DPS and any Monk and Shammy Healers to round up our Roster. Although all exceptional players regardless of Class are welcomed to apply aswell. Enjoy the weekend! ^_^
Still searching while relaxing over the weekend!
Some solid attempts on Heroic Iron Qon today and we should hopefully kill it next week. It's been a good week with the Heroic Horridon kill putting us at 5/13 Heroic. ^_^
Bring on Heroic Iron Qon!
Up with Daytime Raiding!
I hear you have a horrible Boomkin!

Kidding. Ilu Lunar! Free bump for an excellent guild.
Still looking for a shadow priest?
< This char was my main last tier. I'll be looking at you guys further in the morning.
Yes, still looking for a Spriest and Rogue!
Sorry to be confusing those are both my toons :)
Just threw up an application!
Oh where oh where are my disc priests?
Really solid attempts on Heroic Iron Qon today. We have the weekend to relax and hopefully get this down on Monday! ^_^
About how long does it take to hear back on an application?
More Heroic Iron Qon to come Monday. Fun times ahead!
A great day for more Heroic Iron Qon progression before the Raids reset. ^_^
Bump bump. Still looking for a disc/holy priest and resto shaman.
Upgrades today and ready to Raid on Wednesday with a new Lockout. ^_^

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