13/13 Mythic Daytime raiding L4 Tank!

Guild Recruitment
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Heroic Elegon down today. 5/16 heroic, Garalon goes down soon! GJ guys, keep up the momentum.
Need more fresh blood! Healers priority, mistweaver, holy pally, resto dru! I know yall are out there.

Heroic Spirit Kings down today! 6/16 heroic. You guys are blazing through bosses, keep it up, lets finish MV heroic and get ready for hof and heroic shek'zeer.
Realm First Heroic Will Of The Emperor has been achieved with fully clearing Heroic Mogu'Shan Vaults. This puts us at 6/6H MV, 1/6H HOF, and 4/4N TES. Still seeking more players. ^_^
MV Heroic cleared, Another Realm 1st for EFH + Cutting Edge FOS. So proud of all of your hard work so far. Let's finish this tier with a bang for the US!

Still looking for talented raiders, especially healers!
Heroic Wind Lord down to end the Raid week on a great high! ^_^
Halfway done guys. Keep pushing.
Bump for an awesome guild and talented group of people. Greatly enjoyed my stay when I had overnight work hours about a year ago now. Great work guys and keep pushing!
Spriest looking for HM morning raiding guild. I will toss down an APP. Also willing to go holy/disc based on the needs of the raid. Contact me in game if you guys have room jcutler1980@gmail.com (real id)
Heroic Garalon is fun. :P

Still seeking talented DPS and Healers who can Raid during the day!
Heroic Garalon is now down. I can sleep easy!
Great job pulling it together for Garalon, brutal fight indeed. Over halfway done, let's finish the tier with style guys. Keep up the hard work, making me a proud GM!
Happy Holidays everyone! ^_^

Still seeking more Daytime Raiders to go into the New Year and finish off all these Tier 14 Heroic Raid Bosses.
Happy New Year! (From England at least!) ^_^

Still seeking more people for Daytime Raiding. More Heroics to come in this New Year. Hopefully finishing everything up before the next Patch.
Looking for more dps and healers for daytime raiding. 9/16 heroic and ramping up to clear the tier.

DPS Dk's, Rogues, Ele Shaman, Warriors, Holy Paladins, Mistweavers! Apply on our site at www.efhguild.com.
Lei Shi down. 10/16 heroic. Healers/DPS needed for daytime raiding!
HEALERS?! DO YOU EXIST?!?!? I know holy pallys don't. WTB!!!!!! Come heal with us!
Stop hating Mia, I just scare all the paladins away!
Strong Need for a Holy Paladin, DPS Dk/Druid/Monk/Warrior/Paladin, especially those with a tanking offspec.

Go Go Daytime Raiding! 10/16 heroic and pushing hard.
Come join us for an epic dance party on Heroic Vizier! This Boss is going to die pretty soon.

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