13/13 Mythic Daytime raiding L4 Tank!

Guild Recruitment
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Heroic Zor'lok down on 25 man. 11/16 heroic and gunning for the tier clear. Keep up the good work team.

Still recruiting amazing dps and healers for current and future content!
Heroic Amber Shaper down on 25! Keeping the kills comin!

12/16 heroic, four more for the tier clear team.

Still recruiting for current and future content!

Ur Kickin !@# guys!

Heroic Empress and Heroic Terrace (minus Lei Shi) left to do. Come join the fun! ^_^
More Heroic Empress progression today. Hoping to score this kill very soon. We're still seeking more Daytime Raiders. :D
Looking for more peeps to xmog *cough* theorycraft with!
It's strange being so Ranged DPS heavy especially in a 25 Man. Where are you Melee DPS? More Heroic Empress progression to come this week and hopefully we see her killed. ^_^
Recruiting hard for 25 man daytime raiding. 12/16 heroic and gunning to clear the tier pre-5.2. Big priority on talented melee dps! I know you are out there!!!


Contact Sinthetik/Miarose/Miskatonic/Sylverfall in game as well.
I have cookies! And funny gifs!
<3 Miska
Need More DPS!!! ^
This weekend several of us finished up Gold Challenge Modes for the Guild. It took a lot of team effort and was very fun and enjoyable.

On with more Heroic Empress progression this Monday. Come join us DPS, we need you to finish this Tier all Heroic!
Empress dies wednesday. 3 to go to clear the tier.

Recruiting hard for talented dps and heals. 12/16 heroic currently!

To the top for more daytime raiders!!! We need all of you talented dps and healers to help us finish the tier before 5.2 and for Throne of Thunder!!!!!

Still recruiting talented dps and healers, dont be shy!
need more people!
Daytime raiding to the top!

Recruiting talented dps and healers.

Heroic Empress dies tomorrow!

Still looking for more DPS (especially Melee) and Healers to work with us towards Heroic Sha.
Such a great morning to finish Heroic Empress.

Come join us (DPS & Healers) to finish this Tier with everything down on Heroic. ^_^
Need dps and healers for more heroic 25s :)

Heroic Empress dead within the first hour of our Raid today for a Server First. Our hard work paid off!

Still seeking DPS and Healers for finishing Heroic Terrace (everything minus Lei Shi). ^_^

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