[H] <One Shot or DC> 1/6H LF 2 very good RDPS

Faction: Horde
Raid Groups: 10 Man
Current Progression: G1 1/6H G2: 4/6
Tier 13: G1 and G2 were both 8/8HM and all members got their mounts.
Raid Schedule G1: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:45-11:00 PM EST
Raid Schedule G2: Saturday/Sunday 8:00-11:00 PM EST
Website: www.oneshotordc.enjin.com/
Progression: wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/One+Shot+or+DC/
Guild Videos: www.youtube.com/chrisrey3156
Guild Vent: Hosted in New York, we use Ventrilo for guild communications.

Group 1 Recruiting Needs:
2 core group RDPS spots are open.

Need a very experienced Hunter, Ele SHaman and or Warlock. This group is progression based and the past few weeks have been slacking on DPS so be prepared to show you can pull your own. Once given a raid spot you will be raiding with us full time. We keep a short roster, and when we are over on dps or healers for the raid night, we have a roll out system. Whoever rolls out with lowest roll, you sit for the night, however you get immunity from rolling out for the rest of the raids until EVERYONE in the roster has rolled out at least once.

Pst Papilindo, Wocka, or Beergasm for more information. Sign up for out website as well, there is no application process, just a short questionaire to see which group you would like to raid in.

Group 2 Recruiting Needs:
Need a healer, preferably priest or paladin. Tank is currently pending trial.

About Us:

One Shot or DC is a guild formed on the basis of getting things done while still maintaining a life outside the game. Most of us are adults that have families and jobs/other responsibilities to keep us busy when not gaming. Because of our limited raid schedule we expect members to be able to "turn it on" so to speak when the situation calls for it. We love joking around and having fun but there is a time and place for it. Know the difference.

Raid attendance - We try to keep our roster as lean as possible to avoid members sitting. If you can not make 90% of our raids this may not be the guild you are looking for. If you are unable to attend a raid we ask that you notify an officer or post on our forums to let us know. We all understand stuff happens and it will not be possible 100% of the time but you get the idea.

We raid with a roll out system. For example, if we are over on dps on a raid night, we have all dps roll. The lowest roll will sit for that night but have immunity for the rest of the raids until everyone has rolled out at least once.

Applications are not required. This is not a job. We can figure out pretty quickly if you will be a good fit in the guild.

Contact Papilindo, Wocka or the hunter with the retarded name for more details.

Guild Videos:
Mists of Pandaria Progression:

-Heroic Modes Mogu Shan Vaults-

Heroic Stone Guards

-Normal Modes-

Stone Guards

Feng the Accursed

Coming next week

Spirit Kings


Dragon Soul Heroic Modes:

Dragon Soul Normal Modes:

Firelands T12 Heroic:

Firelands T12:

T11 Heroic:
Heroic Atramedes

Heroic Halfus

watch out for Cuppee. She bites.
Bump for somehow one shotting spirit kings >.>
I only nibble stop being such a baby!
Bump, Group 1 needs a healer asap. If you are ilevel 460 or above, please hit us up :)

Also Groups 3 and 4 are nearly filled, if you are interested please let us know!
470 Holy Paladin looking for a dedicated raiding team. 4/6 normal MV experience (5/6 on a different toon, have practical experience on Will)

If interested add my battle-tag: Supersruzz #1535
Just confirming I had a chat with Papilindo for a raid spot in G1. I didn't receive your Battle-tag friend request just letting you know I will soon be transferring over to Turalyon and looking for a Ginvite.
Bump for updated needs.
Come on healers, we need ya!
Still need a healer for group 2, raids saturday and sunday nights 8pm to 11pm EST time. Also need hunter, tank and healer for group 4 raiding tuesday and sunday nights 12:30am to 3:30am
Core group position open for a very good rdps who can keep up with progression. Would prefer a hunter or ele shaman, any other class is welcome to hit me up and ask if we need your class.
Bump! Need two very good rdps, preferably a hunter and a warlock or ele shaman.
Still looking for dps. I need someone to show me up!
Free /bump for former exodarian fellows
I have a fan he loves me!
Still looking for ranged.
12/01/2012 08:16 AMPosted by Beergasm
I have a fan he loves me!

I love everyone ...when I drink.

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