Dark Phoenix Recruiting

Dark Phoenix is an alliance guild seeking to recruit team focused players looking for a stable, mature and friendly environment in order to conquer High End Raid content. We have two 10 man Raid Teams

Team Dark Phoenix 10/12 ToT 8/16 H

Thurs - Sun - Mon 8pm to 11pm Server time

1 Rdps - High need for Lock

Team Fire Phoenix 3/12 ToT 4/16 H

Wed - Fri 8pm to 11pm Server time.

1 Rdps - High Need for Lock/Mage/Spriest

Information about our guild.

We have formed a solid group of players who have become good friends and it’s important for us to keep the good spirit of our group intact so we place a lot of importance on the ability for someone to mesh and fit in with the team.

- All food, Flasks, repairs and to a degree enchanting items are provided by the guild bank for purpose of high end raiding.
- Seek an 80%+ Attendance level
- Strive to maintain a positive group environment so ability to co-exist in a nice social group is as important as the ability to move out of fire and do your role in a raid.
- We use an EPGP raid loot system.
- We focus on clearing content as quickly and efficient as we can, once we have achieved this we dial back on raid hours and even shed raid nights so to minimise player burnout and allow time to refresh prior to a new tier.

Please apply online at darkphoenixsaurfang.wowstead.com or contact in game Istiah or Pollen. Thanks!
Bump for healer.
Bump for Healer!
Bump for heals and rdps.
Need heals!
Bump for heals.
If you're still looking for a heals, I have a holy pally haven't been able to raid much until now i'm looking for a team, but still a bit low, 467 ilvl trying to gear up ret atm so dailies are easier, but am looking to progress. Whisper/add me on Evarasa.
Ok will be in touch

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