Increases Stable Slots Please!

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Due to all the expansions and increased number of pets, variety and exotics... most hunters who love to play their class and tame beasts to add to collections find it very gun, especially the molten spiders in which it made it a little challenging and fun.

But with all the different type of exotics, rares and even just new models, our slots fill up quick, mine was filled during Cataclysm with all the rares... but to make that happen i was forced to abandon some of my other pets to make room, and some hunters have abandoned spirit beasts they spent a long time farming to make room for new pets.

Basically my question is, Blizzard , can you please increases the number of stable slots a hunter can have, even if it is at a small cost or trained for at like a level 90. I believe most hunters will be happy if this was to happen, and some may comment to stop asking for so much, but i believe this is a good idea and i also believe we have supporters of this post as well.
yeah, i dont read the forums much, but do read and reply to posts i write, so i wasnt sure but figured their were previous posts about this.
sounds like a plan, i would like for it to get noticed and applied to game soon.
No. We don't NEED more stable slots. I'd rather they focus on actually balancing us and making all our specs viable and/or competitive (Whichever is more appropriate; too tired to care right now) in both PvE and PvP than adding more stable slots so you can tame more pets you'll never use.
hey blizz, stop being gay and add another stable page.
I am truly baffled... MORE stable slots?
I remember having 3 and I was happy.
If you like to collect pets, honestly that's what the pet battle system is for, and if that's not enough, try Pokemon.

Also terms like "most hunters" seems suspect... care to show me a study rather than anecdote... perhaps a poll in which you go realm to realm asking a plethora of hunters whether or not they enjoy collecting pets over, say, being a dps or PvPing?
I say give us more stables -BUT- charge us for them let's say like 250g for page 1 500g for page 2 1,000 for page 3, 2,000 for page 4 and such this would very well prevent -most- people from using too many and the ones who want to can actually farm the cool pets and keep their not so cool pets :)

Show me a hunter who doesn't like to collect pets and I'll show you a Mage who's about to take an arrow between the eyes... Them mages need to leave us alone!
I don't care about collecting pets... I've got what I need for stampeded or filling in the blanks for buffs, but really, I'm impartial to the aspect of the game. Hell, I've even killed a couple spirit beasts.
I've killed spirit beasts too, mate.

And I like collecting pets.

And I want us to be balanced and viable... I really don't understand where this mindset comes from that if you like pets you don't care about balance. They're both aspects of the same class.
Hey Yjjial. If you don't want more stable slots. Don't use them. :-p

What do you care if others of us want them? There are pets out there that Blizzard created specifically for Hunter collection. Naturally people want to be able to hang on to them. There is no reason why Blizz can't give more stable slots and still address whatever issues you have. But this thread isn't about your issues. It's about those of us who want more stable slots.

And guess what. There is nothing to indicate that it would have to come at the expense of anything you want Blizz to do. If you want Blizz to do something, go start your own thread about it.

I worked hard on taming the selection of pets that I have, and I didn't even go after any of the Firelands ones. But now there are more new pets coming that I don't have space for, and I don't want to have to abandon any of the ones that I have.

The pets you collect in pet battles are completely different. They do not join you in battle or offer any other benefits.

Even if it isn't most hunters that want more stable slots. I can't understand a single one actually objecting to it. That makes no sense at all.

I think charging us for them makes perfect sense though. We have to pay for bank slots. Why should stabling be free?
What a shame to see so many devote Hunters take time to voice on the subject and not one blue post : (

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