Official 90's RBG Recruitment Thread

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*** Lots of players wanting Rated Battlegrounds ^_^. Yes, lots of reading and scanning through, but worthwhile when you find that missing piece for your group!

FYI of the week!- If you are a DPS class, expect to call targets. Never should a healer do the target calling. As a DPS, if you are fighting, you must be able to call a target for focus. Loud and Vocal DPS = A 2.4k+ Player

Please use format below *Spaced for less clutter*

Access to a mic and vent or skype is 100% a must for Rated Battlegrounds.
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on:




Experience (Arena or RBG):

Current RBG Rating:

Time/Day available:

Other info (optional):


Addons that help RBG gameplay (All addons from

Battleground Targets-
BG Spy -

BEST way to contact you: realid - goldenbrown#126

Character you are going to play on: Goldenbrown

Race: Hugh Man

Class/spec: Spriest

Resil: 56.08, pvp powah!: 30.26

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1900+ last season on Hpal

Current RBG Rating: 0

Time/Day available: Night EST

Other info (optional): Multidots well, can hard switch on a kill target, line up ccs, void shift, take direction, etc.
BEST way to contact you: ingame battletag - SpaceWhail#1686

Character you are going to play on: Masspower (this one)

Race: Orc

Class/spec: Arms Warrior

Resil: whilst wearing wrong sholders, ring and trinket:
PvP Resilience56.05%
PvP Power21.38%
so it will be a bit higher

Experience (Arena or RBG):
have 1800 RBG experience
and about the same in arenas (3's and 5's)

Current RBG Rating: 0 (really, REALLY want to get in as soon as i can.

Time/Day available:
mon, tues, wedensday, thurs: 8 pm GMT +10 onwards
all other days: completely free to do anytime.

Other info (optional):
not a dragon shout baddie, i strive for excellence with my interrupting.
BEST way to contact you: Technoviking#1999

Character you are going to play on: Girthz

Race: Tauren

Class/spec: Arms warrior

Resil: 7k ish

Experience (Arena or RBG): Prior Arena season xp 2.4K on rogue/pally. Fresh reroll acct on warrior but skilled nonetheless

Current RBG Rating: nonexistant(reroll)

Time/Day available: East coast strong availability

Other info (optional): Understand class mechanics/intricacies of PVP. Research my class in and out as well as other pvp news daily. Team player. Asset
BEST way to contact you: Real Id Kriina#1333

Character you are going to play on: Kriina

Race: BL

Class/spec: Paladin/ret

pvp power: 32.49

Experience (Arena or RBG): Arena 1500

Current RBG Rating: 384

Time/Day available: night anyday

Other info (optional): quick to change targets and do whats asked, haven't been real high in arena but wanting to move up
BEST way to contact you: Sleezevil#1934

Character you are going to play on: Psywar

Race: Night Elf

Class/spec: Hunter/any

Resil: 58.58%
PVP Power: 25.1%

Experience (Arena or RBG): No experience with RBG's as this player has been on hiatus for the last few years; I have been raiding with my Shaman. Arena I was season 2 and 3 gladiator and pre-bc I was a 3-month FM.

Current RBG Rating: N/A

Time/Day available: Nights and Weekends

Other info (optional): I am a very competent player and get along with anyone I play with. Yes, my pvp experience is that of the past but that does not change the way I play. I am a highly adaptable player and can be great in almost any circumstance.
BEST way to contact you: Skype - dark_vampyrr, xfire - demonicjaeger, ingame - Vampyrr1919

Character you are going to play on: Vampyrr

Race: Night Elf

Class/spec: Arms/Prot

Resil: 57.81%
Power: 37.82%

Experience (Arena or RBG): Have been doing pvp for a long long time. I dabble occasionally in arenas but never really took have hit 2k in 3s and 2s. Have been playing battlegrounds since Vanilla.

Current RBG Rating: n/a

Time/Day available: Nights

Other info (optional): Old School Grand Marshal. PvP is what I do I know kill targets I am build not as a herp derp dpsssss but as someone who locks people down and prevents them from doing what they want.
Real ID Contact:Barciste#1630

Character: Barciste or Barcistes
Server: Draenor
Spec/Class: Destro lock/ Shadow or disc priest.

Race: Undead/ panda

Current PvP Resil: 55% resil

Experience RBG Rating: N/a ..Have gotten 2300 on my lock in 3s and 2100 on my priest

Time/Day available: Anytime

BEST way to contact you: Battle Tag - Renovatic#1732

Character you are going to play on: NortonKnight

Race: Human

Class/spec: Ret Paladin

Resil: 50.04%

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2k RBG, 2.2k 3's experience

Current RBG Rating: 0 Current

Time/Day available: Open, please inquire

Other info (optional): Led a 2k RBG team, long time pvp fan, vocal and willing to call kill targets.
BEST way to contact you: TianZi#1634

Character you are going to play on: Nitecore

Race: Blood Elf

Class/spec: DK / Frost

Resil: 58%

PvP Power: 29%

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2500+ 2v2, 2600+ 3v3, 2300+ 5v5 (Ratings from seasons 5 through 9). Played RBGs the first season when it came out, while MMR was bugged.

Current RBG Rating: 0

Time/Day available: Pretty much any time 12:00pm to 3:00am pacific if scheduled. On around 8:00pm to 2:00am (sometimes afk) if not scheduled.

Other info (optional): Took a break from WoW after season 9 to play StarCraft (high masters on North America server) and Diablo 3 (inferno cleared the first week). Prefer skype if possible.
BEST way to contact you: Toppers#1442 (please indicate you are adding me for RBG's)

Character you are going to play on: Toppers

Race: Gnome (Human soon)

Class/spec: Priest/Shadow or Disc(after buff that MUST be coming)

Resil: 57.79% (getting 2 new pieces today which will put me near 60%)

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2.4k + in 2's 3's and 5's

Current RBG Rating: NONE - new account

Time/Day available: anytime after 6EST most days and some daytime hours over weekends

Other info (optional): I can lead - always lead all my team's I've played for. I won't play on a team that isn't full of players with min/maxxed reforges, gems, and enchants.
BEST way to contact you: battletag Sm0ke1990#1160

Character you are going to play on: Wreckedqt

Race: Human

Class/spec: Warrior/arms

Resil: 61% , 31% pvp power full honor pvp gear

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2k+ xp in arenas, 1950+ xp in rbg

Current RBG Rating:576

Time/Day available: night Eastern standard time

Other info (optional): Looking to be serious at Rbgs, so if i fit what youre looking for shoot me an inv!, also i have vent, skype, mumble, headset/mic and i'm very vocal.
BEST way to contact you: Real id = Siptonic#1801

Character you are going to play on: Siptonic - Shadow Priest

Race: Blood Elf

Class/spec: Priest - Shadow

Resil: 57%+ PvP Power - 31% without Medallion 27% with Medallion

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2200+ in Arena and RBGs (Played RBGs at a 2400-2500MMR)

Current RBG Rating: 0

Time/Day available: Flexible (Prefer after 5p.m. Central)

Other info (optional):
BEST way to contact you: Turg#1997

Character you are going to play on: Lockme

Race: Undead

Class/spec: Destro or Affliction

Resil: 55%, will be getting more

Experience (Arena or RBG): none (rerolled but have been 2300 in arenas on my druid and priest)

Current RBG Rating: none (rerolled)

Time/Day available: afternoon to night on eastern time except mondays and wednesdays
Contact: BenGordon#1252

Character: Tauren boomkin

Resil: 50%

Experience: RBG 2K+

Current rating: 0

Availability: Anytime after 7 PM CST
BEST way to contact you: RealID Nox#1396

Character you are going to play on:
Noxara/Resto Druid (
Noxanne/Resto Shaman(

Race: Troll druid, Goblin shaman

Class/spec: Resto druid, resto shaman

Resil: 58.92% (druid), 55.00% (shaman). I will replace green gems with blues and finish off enchants once I have found a group to play with.

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2300ish on druid (S6 I think), 2kish on shaman (later Wrath). 2x TBC Gladiator on hpally (2s and 5s though)

Current RBG Rating: Haven't done any this expansion. Was 1800ish during the little time I played in Cata.

Time/Day available: Evenings EST, weekends.

Other info (optional): I have Vent/Skype and a working mic, know how to call my cc and communicate as needed, take instructions/constructive criticism well. I'd rather talk about a loss and figure out how to improve/change a strat than rage and quit.
Free bump
BEST way to contact you:
Mail me with your battle-tag.

Character you are going to play on:


Warrior - Arms


Experience (Arena or RBG):

Current RBG Rating:
0 - Played to 1800 pugging last season (11 - armsroflwut) just to get 75 wins.
Wanted to push higher but the state of arms was horrid and thus couldn't be taken to anything outside casual games without a spec change.

Time/Day available:
I raid until 9PST most evenings . (No raid Tues, Fri and Sat)

Other info (optional):
-1800 (Vanquisher) ATR in 3's (Rogue, Arms, H-Pal)
-Have a 2.2k (5's) hunter interested in doing RBG's as well that can tag along
-Rage-Free - I just ramble about paladins comic-reliefish.
-Open to constructive criticism.

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