Official 90's RBG Recruitment Thread

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BEST way to contact you: BRODACIOUS#1183

Character you are going to play on: Yupitsme

Race: Human

Class/spec: Warrior/Arms

Resil: 56%resil, 28% pvp power

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1600 rbgs but ive only played a few games in the past

Current RBG Rating: 0 (Dont judge me :c )

Time/Day available: Friday, Afternoon - Ending (UTC-8:00) Pacific time US/Canada
Saturday Afternoon- Ending
Sunday, Afternoon- Ending (mostly)
Tuesday 7:00 PM-2:00AM

Other info (optional): I cause Guranteed wins :D
RealID: Sholka#1891

Character you are going to play on: Sholk

Race: Blood Elf

Class/spec: Holy Paladin

PvP Resil: 62%

PvP Power: 23%

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1st season in Arena

Current RBG Rating: 384

Time/Day available: AEST - Nearly every night

Other info (optional): I really wanna get into RBG's and there are none on my server. I am a pretty good PvP healer and lov doing it. Add me by RealID and add a note that its for RBG's.
Realid: Aenwyn#1307

Race: Night elf

Character: Celista; also have a resto sham, priest, paladin, monk depending on your rbg healing needs.

Class/spec: Resto, full dreadful with a few malevolent pieces. Boomkin xp in premade bgs from wrath and early cata.

PvP Resil: 52-62% (depending on gems, I swap them out a lot)

PvP Power: 17-23% (depending on gems)

Experience (Arena or RBG): ran low MMR rbgs last season on my priest; second arena season

Current RBG Rating: n/a

Time/Day available: PST, grad student so available both days and evenings

Other info: Pro heals, I know how get wins for a team :)

Also if I'm in my pve shiz and you're interested in seeing my pvp gear just let me know in game, I'll log out in it asap.
LF RBG team! I'm a fresh level 90 still in pve greens and blues! I can do a bit of damage but not much and will probably die really fast but I need to cap my cp this week so send me a message!
BEST way to contact you: Vlaid#1313

Character you are going to play on: Grux (this one)

Race: Orc

Class/spec: Warrior/Arms

Resil: Check my armory if you want, that's what it's there for

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2k+ in 2's and 3's, haven't done much RBG's until recently. Sitting at 1550~ or so currently, raising it slowly through cross realm RBG's.

Current RBG Rating: 1521

Time/Day available: 4PM-5AM CST tends to generally be my play window, on and off in that time.

Other info (optional): Not currently setup for flag running in my prot spec, but if it's absolutely needed that I FC I can get it setup. Protection bars and spec is setup for PVE at the moment, if you're wondering why. For some reason armory keeps showing me in 1h+shield, not my 2h, so ignore that.
Contact: Jfire#6134 (Battletag) or mail/whisper me in-game.

Character - Resto/Balance Druid
BM/Marks Hunter

Gear: Full Dreadful (gemmed and chanted) etc.

500+ RBG games.
1900-2K exp on Frost DK and Ele Sham in S11
Exp in 1800-2.1K MMR 3s and 5s teams.

Current RBG Rating:
0 (low).

All week, mainly weekends. Prefer Aussie time.

Other Info:
Can target call
Have Skype and working mic.
Experience leading/strat calling
Contact: Tryst#1674
Character: Deius (Shadow Priest)
Gear: Full Dreadful, 2 Malevolent, fully gemmed and enchanted
Experience: 2k arenas, looking to do more than PUG RBGS in trade
Current RBG Rating: N/A
Time/Day: Mondays and Wednesdays all day, otherwise nights past 8 PM Pacific
Have addons, Skype, Vent, etc.

Can be vocal if needed or listen and follow orders.

Objective oriented and a team player.
BEST way to contact you: Real ID

Character you are going to play on: This one.

Race: Undead

Class/spec: Rogue/Combat

Resil: 51%, something around there (I gem for damage).

Experience (Arena or RBG): I lead a team to near 1600 on Moon Guard (trust me, that's an accomplishment). I was the primary target caller as well.

Current RBG Rating: This season: zero. Last season was 1580.

Time/Day available: Seven days a week after 6 P.M.

Other info (optional): I make videos about PvP. I can keep the atomsphere light. Here's a link to my channel:
BEST way to contact you: Kossori#1193

Character you are going to play on: Irossok

Race: Blood Elf

Class/spec: Frost Mage

Resil: 5,598 [ 56.60% ]

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1900+

Current RBG Rating: None. Haven't done them yet. Highest around 1600.~

Time/Day available: Usually on.

Other info (optional): I'm Korean. That counts for something, right?
BEST way to contact you: Osloki#1159

Character you are going to play on: Reykjavik

Race: Human

Class/spec: Hunter, either MM/BM

Resil: 6,280 (58.42%)

Experience (Arena or RBG): Duelist (2199) / New to RBG.

Current RBG Rating : Currently a whopping 1590ish but have already found some good arena players who are not really that into RBGing but willing to try it out for a while until getting going in arena again.

Time/Day available: Weekdays pretty much any time until about a three hour window between 5-8 p.m. EST. Prefer 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. EST or 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. EST.

Other info (optional): Have skype, mumble, vent and mic. 43.48% PVP power

(edited to show server transfer from KJ to Tic about two months ago)
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on:

Race: Tauren

Class/spec: Feral dps/FC druid


Experience (Arena or RBG): 2k

Current RBG Rating: none my realm is DEAD

Time/Day available: Any time after 5 pm est

Other info (optional):
BEST way to contact you: In game whisper (Keltorian @ Greymane) or by e-mail (

Character you are going to play on: The character I'm currently posting on

Race: Forsaken

Class/spec: Warrior/Arms

Resil: 8,499 (64.08%)

Experience (Arena or RBG): I have some arena experience, but no experience in RBGs.

Current RBG Rating: N/A (I have no RBG experience, but I have vent and I know how to play my class)

Time/Day available: Most evenings Mon-Fri and any scheduled time Sat. and Sun.

Other info (optional): Looking forward to playing some matches!
BEST way to contact you: Add me ingame battletag: Mumu24#1499
Character you are going to play on: Angelofvita-Nordrasill
Race:Blood Elf
Class/spec: Priest/Shadow
Resil:Experience: 59% resil, Ive been 1 game shy of 2.2k in all 3 brackets and multiple times and groups disbanded for arenas, I would like to start doing RBGs as i feel it would be a fun experience for me
Current RBG Rating: None
Time/Day available: Monday - Thursday past 3 or 4pm Pacific, Friday past 7pm Pacific, Saturday, all day, Sunday past 1Pm pacific
Other info: im very communicative, and will call out important things during a fight, i can also play holy really well, and will be grinding out the gear for that soon.
BEST way to contact you: (real id) C.aboose (skype)
Character you are going to play on:
Jack / Jackers
Panderan / Troll
Arms warrior / Ele shaman
Experience (Arena or RBG):
Current RBG Rating:
Time/Day available:
Other info (optional):
Competent Warrior / Ele shaman looking for rbg teams
BEST way to contact you: WoW - Battletag: Jarhe#1211

Character you are going to play on: Soshajr

Race: Orc

Class/spec: Warrior/Arms

Resil: 57.47% Resil / 25.78% PvP Power

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1600+ in arenas and RBGs, then again I've never ran a serious RBG/arena team but I'm more than capable of running 1900+

Current RBG Rating: 384

Time/Day available: Evenings CST (excluding Friday - I can only do them at night (9pm or 10pm CST and past), and all day on weekends

Other info (optional): Have working mic, vent, skype, mumble, etc. I want a competitive team but I don't want to have to deal with listening to people rage.
BEST way to contact you: Battletag: Unclemeat#1660

Character you are going to play on: Unclemeat

Race: Tauren

Class/spec: Shaman/Resto or Ele

Resil: 5,671

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1800+ RBG

Current RBG Rating: none

Time/Day available: evenings after 8pm central

Other info (optional):
BEST way to contact you: AwDavey#1686

Character you are going to play on: Dectade

Race: NE

Class/spec: Druid / Resto

Resil: 62.52%

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2k+

Current RBG Rating: 1817

Time/Day available: Anytime. Won't go past 3am EST though.

Other info (optional): I would rather not join a team that is CR: 0.
BEST way to contact you: Throttlex#1415

Character you are going to play on: Throttlatar

Race: Tauren

Class/spec: Monk/Windwalker

Resil: 6150, with engineering helm

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2k on a feral last season

Current RBG Rating: 175, cant find groups

Time/Day available: most of the time, prefer afternoons and evenings

Other info (optional): Building up a second set for brewmaster FC

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