[A] <Convicted> T/W/Th 7:00 CST 25M 1/13

Blade Lord down!
Wind Lord down on heroic!
Thumbs up for you guys, I see you teeaing up for dailies alot and that is nice to see as too many alliance have lost their pvp nerve and or moved to horde.

Says alot about a guild when you see folks teamed up for the boring stuff as well as the good stuff.
Need more solid DPS to make up for some of our recent losses in our roster.
BUMP! Would love to have some more people. Especially ones who like to raid Wednesday for sure!

Coming w/ 5.2 we plan to hit the content hard and collect them purple pixels! So apply now to jump on the train.
Recruitment still very much open for 5.2! Come join us in the Throne of Thunder!
Spirit Kings down!
Garalon down on 10H!
Dead bug is dead.
7/12 25M, full cleared normal mode on 10M.

Still looking for more!
BUMB! Now 11/12 25 man ToT With 10 man cleared. Starting Heroic Jinrohk.
Bump for Eis trolling me every other day!

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