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Lucid Gaming is Recruiting

Lucid is opening it doors to the community of Korgath on World of Warcraft with plans to expand to other games in the near future. There is currently a level 30 requirement and are looking for all types of players. We require all our players to be friendly with each other and to have think skin. Drama is not tolerated under any circumstance and offenders will be removed immediately. Lucid will be established mainly as an all around raiding guild with options for hardcore progression, as well as casual raiding. Lucid uses the Suicide Kings loot system.

Current Recruitment Needs :

Tanks - Paladin or Monk For progression team. Back up positions available.
Range DPS - Warlock, Hunter for progression team.
Melee DPS - Closed for progression team. Back up positions availible.
Healers - Back up positions open.

Rated BGs and Arena Teams coming soon.


Expectations/Non-negotiables for progression Raiders:

Raid ready and min iLvl 463
Two maxed professions that benefit your class/spec
Ability to quickly master new class mechanics
Must have proper raid awareness
Must be able to handle constructive criticism
Research fight mechanics and be able to change and adapt on the spot.
Prepared for raids (food/flasks/pots/enchants ready at raid entrance 15 min before raid time)
Near 100% raid attendance required to keep your raid spot (missing a raid day results in being put as a backup but you can earn your spot back)
Age 18+

Positive attitude and strive to succeed expected and required.

<Livid> About Info:

Lucid is a newly formed gaming community originated in WoW. Lead by a long time group of friends, Lucid wishes to provide a top quality guild experience that can be enjoyed by all types of players. With knowledge and experience spanning 7 years and across a multitude of platforms, Lucids leaders provide a helpful and knowledgeable environment for players to both learn and develop.

While Lucid is a gaming community welcoming all types of players and skill, we by no means skimp on raiding. Lucid plans to be a force to be reckoned with in the raiding scene on Korgath. With a dedicated core progression 10 man, and plans to open 2 more raid teams for both casual and learning players, the name Lucid will be sure to have a lasting impact on Korgath.

Lucid was created in order to provide what we believe should be the standard of guilds around the world, too often are guilds plagued by internet cancer that provide a negative impact on the gaming community. We want players to come to us and become people, not becoming numbers lost in the pursuit of bragging rights. So if your tired of the same old guild scene and want more from your time spent online, perhaps its time to find a new beginning and start online gaming for what it should be. Welcome, to Lucid Gaming.


Any questions or comments can be posted below or by sending a private message one of our officers on our site or in game. We will keep this post up to date with current recruitment needs for our raid teams, however we are always accepting exceptional people of all skill levels. If we sound like the guild for you please don't hesitate to ask for information our officers can be reached almost anytime during the day.

Officers: Forum/In-game


Recruitment runs 24/7
All other information and recruitment application can be found here at:

Still in need of a tank and Rdps, we start raiding tonight 7-10 GMT pref a lock or hunter still, tank will take anything except warrior.
Now 3/6 ended up pugging a tank and dps last week. Trying to fill these core positions before round 2 expectations 6/6 this week. Fight researched preparations made. Just need to fill these spots. Check us out

Still need 1 tank for tonight at 7 server come have some fun.
Still looking for people to play with and hang out, I promise we won't bite. Except for Schien, he's a cannibal.

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