NPC Slingtail Treeleaper -Stalker-Evades

Bug Report
Monkey wont stop following me, logged out, hearth, take flights, nothing works except leaving Pandaria, when I come back to Pandaria he reappears. This does interfere with questing. If I pull large mobs and throw my shield, he is usually one of the targets hit, he evades, shield keeps going. I would rather shield hit one of the three actual npc's that can take damage.

Multiple reports since beta on this same problem. Google search turned up several, all with no blue and no fix. Can we get this fixed please.
I've been having this same issue on my main all day. Nothing seems to fix it.
This is happening on my hunter. Makes him pretty much unplayable. I've seen this bug reported all over the place, but I've not seen any blue post with suggestions or workarounds. Is there anything we can do? I would very much like to play my hunter, but it's just too aggravating with the slingtail interfering with everything.

FOLLOWUP AND POSSIBLE WORKAROUND: Okay, this may have just been me getting lucky, but .. it worked. I had help from a new-found friend. Okay, Rith went through the portal to SW at the Shrine of the Seven Stars. When I did so, a hunter who remained behind (ty Elbrujo!) was able to drop a fire trap to engage it -- and then was able to kill it. Since then, Rith has been stalker free!

No promises to you guys, but maybe this will work for you too!
that hunter trick works.. helped a friend using the same trap. Used a different portal but still works..thats just in case you get someone that hasn't gotten as far as the 7 shrines. Thanks very much for the advice..and my friend thanks you, too!
My GF now has a monkey :) Same thing, evade bugs, follows for zones, ect.

Ima about to try getting it with death and decay.
Had to get a hunter to use the explosive trap or whatever leaves the ground fire. It got the monkey to unbug.
For anyone looking for the solution to this bug. Simply take the slingtail back to the pit zone where the rest of them are around the Lake. The npc will walk away from you.
This is happening to me too! More like a Slingtail TreeCREEPER amirite?

Took him back to the Slingtail Pit as stated above and little tyke ran away home.
I noticed a different twist on this one today. There are Slingtail Creepyleapers everywhere. I see one at nearly every FP, just standing around, hangin' out . . . There's also one in the inn in Halfhill too.

I logged in and out and they're still there. I do think we're being trolled.

OR, the Hozen are taking over.

I wonder if people horde-side are seeing Jinyu evaders . . . you notice we're all posting from Alliance toons (don't know if that matters).
Been having this same stalker problem on my mage. Will have to try yalls fix.

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