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Moon Guard
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Through the war ravaged world, seeded by strife, a call comes. It does not come as a lion's roar, or by the hand's of the heralds of some powerful god, but as a breeze, a whisper. To those bound to the voices of life, or spirits, of nature, it is the promise of a place where all is as it was meant to be...a place where the elements and essence of life itself have found balance, harmony, where even the elements have settled their differences. To those tired of the taste and sight and smell of blood upon the rocks, of savagery and unchecked hatreds seeking to consume another generation, it is the feeling of peace, a place to rest the body of one gripped by the despair of a war without reason or end. To those who can never stop running, who are harried and hounded and hunted to the ends of creation for some moment of the past, or the sins of their fathers...its a breath of acceptance, a sanctuary. To the unwashed, unwanted children of the world, it speaks of healing, of food, of a place to rest their head without fearing a kick to the ribs or blow to the head. Its a call of home and family to those who have always sought, but never obtained one. To the blood of the Wolf, it sings to their soul's song, a howl of the pack, the heart and home of the god who now claimed them as his.

It is a call, unimpeded by the road a person has walked, or the blood in their veins. It can be ignored, but it cannot be denied—those it seeks will hear it ringing in their ears no matter where they roam in the world. It beckons and welcomes, urging to its chosen like a mother's cry. “Come home,” it says. “Follow...listen...breathe...believe.” Its as if Creation itself woke from a long held slumber and opened the gates of an Eden to Azeroth.

To those heeding the voice in their soul, their feet carry them near, far, across soil and water and sand. Beyond crumbling mountains, in the shadow of a forest that seems old and worn...As if winter's first breath had arrived far too early...where it seems as if all is dying...But still the call urges them onward in the neverending twilight. The path is almost obscured, unpaved...worn to spongy, moldy earth by dozens of feet, hooves, and paws, but it ascends and doubles back, up the mountain face...and then the breeze comes, lifting the oppressive stench of rot and carrying it away. It carries with it promise, the rich scent of loam and green grass, even the gentle sounds of songbirds in the air.

An archway of wood, almost Kaldorei in design marks the entrance to the unusual caldera in the mountains. As soon as the threshold Is crossed, the magic of the sanctuary breathes upon the visitors. The darkness of the world is washed away, replaced by a cleansing of the spirit and body, a surge of life and vitality. Its like waking up to a new day, or falling into a waking Dream, following the path as it descends into a grove of tranquility. Everywhere there is life, so unlike the horrors of the outside world. Treants and elementals shuffle about, and children from many races scamper about in play--worgen pups, dragon whelps, human, elven, even draenei and troll youngsters paying no heed to the differences in their playmates. Over there, a group of adults sits in quite conversation by a moonwell, the old troll leaning on a staff of petrified wood as he converses with a human in the garb of a priest. A massive panther with midnight blue fur pauses to glance at the arrivals, the glowing amber gaze of a druid in feline shape filled with knowing. On the breeze comes the smell of cooking food, and a squirrel even has the audacity to rummage through pockets and pouches for food before skittering up a nearby tree. So unlike the rotten forest of death beyond its mountainous walls, this thriving sanctuary might have been transplanted from the heart of primordial Kalimdor.

Yet still the call is unanswered, driving feet towards the pale stoned platform at the end of the overgrown, mossy path, and the swirling vortex of emerald light seeming to grow right out of the trunk of a tree the size of a mountain. The eyes of the grove's denizens follow each move, observing, waiting, watchful.

TBC.... (Stupid posting limits.)
The top of the ramp beholds a breathtaking sight, enough to fill even the hardest heart with a moment of childlike wonder. A portal, open and pulsing with power floods the shadowed platform with its light and essence. All at once the forgotten dreams of childhood return, as if something coaxed them to the surface, gently cleaning off the grime of a lifetime of pain and suffering. Hope...Life...Love...Creation...this place is filled with it, and this is the source, the Heart of that song...To some, the Voice that guided them here now has a name...The Great Waking Dream of Creation...An Azeroth untouched by the ravages of time and the sins of mortal hands....a place of the essence of all dreams, of all that was, all that might have been, all that is...and all that might yet be...ever changing, ever shifting in a Emerald planescape.

The moment is broken by a deep throated rumble, a voice that could never be mistaken for coming from a human throat. Yet for all its lack of human inflection, it comes with care and warmth, without hostility to a new face, and draws the listener to stare at a pair of glowing blue eyes, their edges touched by veridian flames. “Greetings, stranger....Who is?”


As always, my muse acts in her own time, and after a particularly harrowing week....she decided that it was time for this to be written. In a sense, it is one part guild advertisement...but moreso, it is meant to be a taste of the RP offered in the place Heartsong Guardians has spent almost two years making our home away from home, an invitation to the RPers of Moon Guard to come, put their feet up, share a meal, and find peace in the Twilight Grove with the guardians.

For those of you who have never heard of us—I assume thats probably most of you, as we try to avoid making waves outside our little place of residence—I'll do my best to answer as many of the important questions as possible. Room for improvement is always possible, so if I forget something, or you think of it, Ask. No harm in it.

Who Are We?

Heartsong Guardians began its life as a worgen pack...called <Pack> under a different leader, a Worgen DK named Mange. Always an RP guild, its leadership and focus quickly changed. Now, we are <Heartsong Guardians>, and we are the guardians and tenders of the Twilight Grove in Duskwood, an Emerald Dream-soaked grove amidst a forest of death and decay. The guardians protect the grove and those who are within is boundaries, offering peace, sanctuary, and aid to those who seek it. The grove's guardians come from every possible walk of life, every race, every class, every profession...and our arms open to those who come in peace.

Because of our philosophies and origins, the guardians call allegiance to neither Horde nor Alliance, greeting members of all races with the same welcome and aid. Each visitor is judged by only their own actions within our grove. The guild itself is Alliance, OOCly because Dusk is worgen, but Cross-Faction Roleplay is a regular occurance, achieved either by proxying them with one of the horde toons belonging to our guildies, or through such things as RID conversations.

Other than that, we are the people behind the creation of an open, friendly, lore based canon enjoyed by hundreds on the server over the last two years. We're there everyday, and we do our best to approach everyone who visits with the intent of open, walk up RP. While we host events, we also realize that real life happens, and that a lot of people have different schedules, so our specialty is in the regularly available Roleplay in the grove.

How did we get here?

Amusingly enough, the story of the grove's guardians began as a love story, and as the story of a single character—No. Not Duskhowl, funny enough. The long and short is that Duskhowl started going here to hang out with his lady-love, who was the original guardian sent to the grove. They interacted with visitors, and in time a large portion of his pack followed him to where he was sneaking off to all the time. Many of them stayed. Over time, the guardians evolved into what we are now.

What Do We Do?

The guardians purpose begins with the greeting of every visitor within our walls, making known the rules of the grove so that they don't inadvertantly violate them. It continues in the offer of any needed assistance, and in the watchful eye kept while they are within the grove. It only ends when they have passed beyond the archway that marks the exit to our sanctuary. In this, we have developed an unspoken creed for the Guardians of the Grove.

1. Welcomed with open arms-Any who come in peace are welcomed. In this place, race, class, history, appearance, beliefs...none of that matters. If you enter in peace, and respect the rules held to keep a sacred place safe and sacred, the guardians will not cast you out.

2. Aid to those who ask: This grove is one of healing, of cleansing, as well as peace. As such, those who come seeking healing, sanctuary, or a place to belong, are offered assistance in any way the guardians can provide. Sometimes, its as simple as a good hearty meal, freely shared. Othertimes, it is healing magic, or rituals and potions used to repair something damaged or broken. And in others still, it is sanctuary, a safe haven to rest and recover.

3. The rules of the grove stand absolute, no matter who you are: The grove has some very simple rules, and everyone, INCLUDING the guardians, must follow them. No one, king or prince, peasant or pauper, is above the rules the guardians maintain. There is no bargaining. Break the rules, and you are asked to leave. Refuse, and the guardians are not afraid to use numbers and force to drive you out. This land is owned by no mortal, instead being the territory of Ysera the Dreamer, her flight, and entrusted to our care.

4. Guardians stand as one: We work, live, and fight as a unit. Threatening one of us is a threat to all of us. We protect each other, help one another. Being a guardian is joining a family, albeit a very strange one. We pool our strengths and guard against each other's weaknesses. No matter your past, your blood, or the path you walk, as a guardian, you are one of us, and we stand together against all foes.

But Duskhowl! What are these rules? I dont like the idea of being told how to behave ICly!

Relax...The IC rules the guardians state are much what a character should expect to hear in a place held sacred. Duskhowl has given these to hundreds, maybe thousands of visitors over almost two years, and to be truthful, most people just dont even bat an eye oocly. A few characters get pissy, but thats Roleplay.

Rules of the Grove:

1. Do not go in, get too close to, or bother the portal to the Dream in any way, magical or otherwise. Its rude, and highly dangerous to the untrained.

2. Do not drink, bathe, fornicate in, take water from, or otherwise bother the moonwell. Its a holy font, called the "Liquid Fire of Elune" for a reason. If you aren’t a Moonpriest/ess, its not your area of expertise. You want to use it for healing, bring a Priestess of Elune with you. They know moonwells.

3. There is no violence or bloodshed unless protecting the sacred grove from one who would violate it's sanctity.

4. The Guardians ask that visitors do not bother their homes without permission. This exists mostly as an IC thing, as the guardians homes are along the ridgelines of the grove and not in the grove proper. There fore, this does not often come up, unless you step right on top of someone running a scene in their den.


So you follow lore?

Yes. There are hundreds of wowpedia articles, thousands of quests. You can be an interesting, complex and decently powerful character without having to resort to being a Space Marine. Or a Jedi. Or...some species of feral house cat that lives in clans and has found religion.

What about God-modding, meta-gaming?

Both very serious offenses in my mind. Both are cheating, plain and simple. Also unnecessary. With any character, I can teach someone, in RP, how to beat the snot out of a person of any other class in a fight without resorting to godmodding or meta gaming. If you learn the character you are playing, cheating is something you dont need to do.

I dont like guilds that have stupid OOC Drama between players. Especially over stupid things.

Not to worry. After 8 years as a member of One World By Night, I TOO despise drama between players. Part of our rules, that every person agrees to when they apply, is the understanding and promise to keep IC and OOC seprerate, and to not caus ooc drama. Yes, player disputes happen. Funny enough, we have officers and a player rep for just that reason. Come talk to us.

What races/classes do you accept?

The guardians accept any who feel called to guard. Race and class are...unimportant. Its the RP that matters. If you are a good fit to the guild, you're a good fit, no matter what your race or class is. We even technically have a troll shaman amongst the guardians.

What levels do you accept?

This is RP, level is unimportant. While it would be nice for you to be able to at least get to Duskwood on your own, its not necessary, as we can provide taxi services.

Do you do any PVE/PVP?

While the main focus of the guild is RP, a number of people do run dungeons, scenarios, and bgs, and others like leveling alts. We tend to run old raids for achievements and transmog sets, or even rep.

Do you have events?

Yes. While most RP is done day to day, we still run events like guild gatherings, and namings, and others. We also run plots, and usually have a few going on at any one time.

What about your guild? Level, bank tabs, site, vent?

Yes we have vent. 35man capable. Yes, we have bank tabs. Yes, we have a website, filled with stories, art and art links, character descriptions, even FAQs. heartsongguardians.enjin.com Not that is matters, but the guild is level 25.

OOC Credentials:

I dont see guild leaders do this often, but considering I like to know who I'm following, I'm gonna do it. Especially since I'm not a famous forums personality, or someone that just has that creepy charisma and knack for leadership. I'm just me, and what you see is pretty much what you get.

Gaming Experience: I've been punching buttons on controllers and clicking away at a keyboard since my father first purchased a Tandy in 1987—spilled his Diet Coke all over the thing that first day, boy was HE pissed.

RPG Experience: I rolled my first D&D character at the age of 7....That was....well...Come my birthday this year, my RPG career will be old enough to drink. (It was a druid, just to make things worse.) If you can name a campaign setting, I've probably played it at least once, and likely have a copy of the books sitting around somewhere. I've done Tabletop, LARP, Forums RP, in game RP...I've Been a dungeon master, a LARP ST for World of Darkness: Werewolf :The Apocalypse, and have run several tabletop Vampire games. I've been RPing in wow for...3 or 4 years now. Moon Guard was my First RP server, although I was originally horde here.

Warcraft Experience: Here's where I make myself look super nerdy. I've been into Warcraft since my Father brought home a copy of orcs and humans. I've played all three RTS games, I own the collectors edition goodies for many of the warcraft games—more than I dont own. I started wow about 6-8 months into Vanilla. I've read a number of the books and comics. I've read wowpedia and wowwiki for fun....and to relieve boredom. I've lead...crud...this is guild number 3 i've been handed leadership of, and before that Iwas and still am, an officer in my brother's PVE guild on Eldre'thalas. I've Raided, I've PVPed, Rped...I've tanked, healed, and DPS'ed. I've tried every race at least once, and every class too. If I dont know an answer to something about warcraft, I know someone who does. I debate lore in vent for fun....I think thats all of it.

Other than that, come by the grove to RP with us, and if you're interested in making a home among the guardians, by all means—Come by the grove and RP with us! And check out the site, since all applications are handled there: heartsongguardians.enjin.com

We have FAQs up for public reading, and a section for any questions. In addition, questions can be addressed to Duskhowl or Yulien (my AGM, who be awesome.), either by In-Game mail or whispers.

(Finished. Stupid limits!)
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Muchly so! Even some recent raiding too if you feel like giving it a shot in LFR with them. :)
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Everyone should definitely stop by sometime.
Q, Dusk is nowhere near geared, but I'll throw some of the others your way...like Seine and Mooncry and Yuls.

Edyrem, you should totally stay for dinner sometime--thats when people show. Its like they -know- Dusk's always got something cooking. especially these strange panda people. >.> Makes for some weird conversations.
Q, Dusk is nowhere near geared, but I'll throw some of the others your way...like Seine and Mooncry and Yuls.

Edyrem, you should totally stay for dinner sometime--thats when people show. Its like they -know- Dusk's always got something cooking. especially these strange panda people. >.> Makes for some weird conversations.
Absolutely, I'll poke at my folks and see whom is ready for such. I know that Marionos and Datocus are working hard at it. :D
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