(A) Heartsong Guardians: We have cookies!

Moon Guard
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Much love for one of the bestest guilds evsers. <3
Absolutely great guild here.
*grins* Thanks for the support, fellows. Also...*shakes fist at praxos* Greasy undead faction swapping b@stard!
Be nice, Ducky. :<
awesome guild,

I got kicked out of the grove once! back under dato's old story line that got retconned. Will be heading up there again, this time hopefully with out the kick in the face.
Hey, no hard feelings, featherbutt. IC is IC is IC, after all. :P
Though I've not rolled with these folks for quite some time, I must now vouch for the awesomeness. About time y'all started a recruitment thread! P.S...Praxos. I'm watching you. >=)
These guys are awesomeness. Great story line, great lore and perhaps one of the most fun to hang out with, even on a slow non-crazy night. :D
10/17/2012 09:21 PMPosted by Duskhowl
Hey, no hard feelings, featherbutt. IC is IC is IC, after all. :P

I got it in the feels, at any rate I don't mind when I get an emotional response from an rp, it means the rp was well played out.

I useally roll with those feels in such cases, knowing that it was the character not the player who made me have feelings.

in other news I just had a steak and egg mc bagel from mc d's... It was very nummy
*peers up* Wow...People are coming out of the woodwork. Thanks for the vouches and words of support.
OP you have the same name of my old hunter's primary pet worg. Rock on.
Its a good name.
Names? Names! I like names. But there's someone around here running around with a name extremely similar to mine. Don't get us confused! >.>
I absolutely love this guild! Great setting and lore, great people. These guys rekindled my love for Warcraft. They are so awesome, and you should definitely come RP with us in the Twilight Grove sometime.
It's the middle of October. Why have I caught Holiday Fever so early this year? :<
*divebombs and huggles everyone*
Halloween is the best holiday.

Christmas is the next best.
Ah, yes! My grandma always makes apple pie for it.
I like pie.
The cake is a lie, the pie a logical fallacy...And cookies are the ambrosia of life. Cookies...Mmmmm.....
Do diddly Bumperino, neighborino.

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