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Moon Guard
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*sips some UMad Brew.* I smell a butt-hurt troll who has now taken to harrassing us on the forums because they've been summarily ignored and reported. Whelp...*reports him again.*
10/23/2012 03:39 PMPosted by Phénéé
Seems awesome but there 2 Groves on Easternv Kingdom the One in Hinterlands...

Yes. We are awesome. But your definition of "Grove" is flawed. There is only one Grove with a portal in it. That being Twilight Grove, Duskwood. Hinterlands portal is not in a Grove, it's in a field at the foot of a mountain. The other two aren't in a Grove either, nor are they on Eastern Kingdoms. One's on an Island, the other's beside a road. Argument = Invalid.
Nice hat.
*Yawns, then bumps.*
*not so subtle bump*
*subtle nudge*

I did actually intend to stick around and RP originally, but I have to leave for a bit, unfortunately.
No worries.
*Dances in the thread* Ravening. I like that name. :3
lol, of course you do. Wench. <3
*sneaks up and scritches duskhowls ears then runs off*
*blink, blink* What just happen?
You have been scratched, Duskhowl. Here, let me show you how it is done. *Ear-Scritches*
10/26/2012 09:18 PMPosted by Hachi
You have been scratched, Duskhowl. Here, let me show you how it is done. *Ear-Scritches*

*runs up behind hachi and playfully pulls on her tail, then runs off*
*happy purr growly puppy sounds* You get away with that, woman, because I love you to death. Most folk try to pet me like a dog and get bit for their troubles.


*eyes praxos* Silly warlock.
*carries back to the first page.*

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