Rate the Druid Name Above (1-10)

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Ready set go
nothing like a good !@#$% joke, but you get gigged for symbols, 6-10
Not bad 7/10
I gotta give you an F. "Meow" in your name without having at least one feral spec? Unacceptable!
2/10 Not a fan of hippies.
10/17/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Tankenurjerb
2/10 Not a fan of hippies.


What does it have to do with hippies? Sun bears are a type of bear native to south east asia!
Unique name is unique 8/10 :D
I like it, also unique. 8/10
"h" at the end kills it.
10/17/2012 04:37 PMPosted by Moogician
"h" at the end kills it.

It was either that or special characters. I think it has a troll feel to it. DominOH.
For Moogician


Like the concept, just plays crazy tricks on my eyes to read it that way. 0_-
3/10 cause idgi :(
7/10 cause you're sxy
omy /giggle
@ Assistance

7/10 Because thats what we do as a druid!
earthreaver has a nice ring to it. 7/10

1/10 cause your a fat Tauren and only 85 :D lolol sounds more like a hunter name for me
8/10 I like making that sound ! "Boing boing"
4/10, its alright tho

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