Rate the Druid Name Above (1-10)

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11/13/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Cashkin

Not sure where the cash part of it come sin (maybe you have a lot of in-game gold?), but 7/10 for some uniqueness.
0/10 just because you're alliance... lol jk, 6/10 I like those robes
Shifter, self-explanatory, 10/10
Fubear, pretty funny if derived from the military term 8/10 :)
Clever, I like it.
I just want in on the fun. 8/10 on Vaellis, I like it.
don't know what it means but 7/10
Zennkiki best durid 10/10
2/10 not sure what it even means.
5/10...8/10 if you were male 9/10 if you could roll human, 10/10 if you had an orange jumpsuit
7/10 It reminds me of a nickname for a scary lookin dude in jail :P
11/19/2012 06:04 PMPosted by Goku
2/10 not sure what it even means.

It's a play on the word Arbor which is Latin for tree. I highly resent that 2/10.
ill give you goku's other 5 points for a 7/10 i got it, goku's just taken one too many roundhourse kicks from Chi-Chi.

Poochy didnt get one so @ poochy: 7/10 worgen and all :)
2/10, cause you're Alliance.
9/10 if you go Horde. Ya know, hordies don't like baths and stuff.
7/10 Tresus, i had to chuckle, nice

Kiiro = yello

yuki = snow

not grammatically correct in japanese, but i like it for a druid name
7/10 for your originality but not many people would have gotten it w/o the explanation.
8/10 for use of the word galore :)
8/10 coz u made me laugh

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