which spec for PvP and how to play it

Death Knight
i am still undecided on which spec i like better for pvp and unsure about which im better at. i know unholy is all about control and frost can do a lot of damage but i feel like without a healer as frost i die too easily and with unholy i cant do enough damage.

i think ive got the basis of frost down, but do we still want that spell penetration?

for unholy, i think i need to use my gargoyle more, as i hear its a large source of damage. i usually open with chains of ice and plague strike, then festering strike followed by scourge strike and death coil dump unless it has procced during this process. once i get my 5 stacks from death coil i use dark transformation. should i be getting the gargoyle up asap instead of death coiling so early?

i need some tips on playing each spec and mabye some ideas about different abilities i should be using and when. that would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance
Dont use plague strike... If I remember correctly you have a move call out break. Use that. It's too hard to explain to you how to play a whole class for pvp just in the forums. Try looking on youtube.
Yes, use plague strike, what's wrong with you? Outbreak is for when diseases fall off and you have no other way of getting them back up there.

I prefer Unholy, but others like Frost for the burst.

For pvp, spec Blood Tap and macro it to key attacks. For Unholy, I macro Dark Trans, Necro Strike and Death Strike. I think Frost may be better off with Runic Empowerment, because they already have death runes built in.
Pvp power is your friend. I beat out most frost dks in damage simply because concentrated pressure >rng burst. As far as the gargoyle goes i usually pop it when i need to take down a healer after my dark transformation is up since I no longer need death coil to generate stacks for said dark transformation. If its an all out brawl with a bunch of people however, I mostly just death coil and use boiling blood spread diseases/aoe dmg. It provides great pressure and puts other team on the defensive, leaving you open to continue applying aoe pressure or go for a kill on a healer or what not (garg, stack necros, pop trinks, ect).
If you don't think you can control your pet and do everything else at the same time i would go frost. I know some people who just can't get the feeling for the pet. It also ads a lot of buttons to your repertoire unless you have a naga.

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