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Hey Guys! Just asking a question:

I have been selected to the beta of the razer gamebooster (ooohh yeah)

I just want to know if blizz will detect it as a malware or a cheat program or anything?
It doesn't look like it interacts with games themselves, so I don't see why blizzard would detect it with malware. It's just doing things like stopping processes the game doesn't need, and restarting them when you exit the game
After watching the video for it, I think you're fine.

It doesn't do anything you can't manually do. All it really does is close any non-essential program to save on resources and tweek your settings. Honestly, it seems like a waste. The only thing that looks promising is the video/sound recording.
Whooo that was fast! ;)

Thanks , just wanted to be sure, I don't want to get my account banned for testing a gamebooster ><


Gonna ask a moderator ingame to be sure, but I don't think It will be a problem

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