[H] <Animus> 6/6 5/6 10m Needs Melee DPS

Area 52
<Animus> was founded by a group of friends who like playing this game, but cannot dedicate enough time to pursue top end raiding at a competitive level. Therefore we have formed this guild with the intentions to be able to work around each other's schedule so that we can still play the part of the game that we enjoy most: High-end Raiding.

Who we are:
We are a casual-raiding guild comprised of skilled players who have had major success raiding in prior expansions. Our experiences vary from expansion to expansion, but we are all competent and we know how to play our classes to the maximum potential.

Our objective:
Many of us were officers of a guild in Cataclysm and were burned out due to the fact that we prioritized progression over fun. Our primary focus for this guild is to ensure that we progress, but not at the risk of compromising the fun that this game allows. Let me reiterate that we are progression oriented, but our primary focus is to have fun.

Progression Focus:
Our primary intentions are to clear all normal modes and then move onto hardmodes.

What we are looking for:
1 Hunter
1 WW Monk - HIGH*
1 DPS Warrior - HIGH*
All Exceptional Applicants

When do we raid:
Wednesday: 7/7:30-11 Server
Thursday: 7/7:30-11 Server (Optional)
Monday: 7/7:30-11 Server

If you feel that you would be a good fit, then please feel free to register on our website and apply at http://www.animus-area52.com

If you have any questions or concerns, then please feel free to contact Blaxenvy. If you cannot find one of them in game, then feel free to look me up on one of my alts: Envy (Priest), Darqui (Hunter), Enpherno (Mage)
Guaranteed raid slots. Come on and apply. If you're looking for a fresh start, here's your chance.
Just got us a tank. Just need 1 DPS and a Healer and we're set!
Still need a healer and dps. Send those apps in!
Bump for a healer to round out our roster. 1 spot left.
We're still needing a healer for the last spot in our 10 man.
Calling healers!

App today and raid tonight :)
^ bump for more people so we won't have to pug anymore.
Seriously need dps... preferably 1 melee/1 ranged.
bump for a dead elegon. 5/6
Another bump for 6/6 in 2 weeks.
We DE'd a hunter bow off of WotE..that could have gone to any of you (competent) hunters reading this...

Bump for 1-2 more reliable DPS!
At this point, we don't like Sha Crystals sitting in our bank... App Nao!!!
Bump for reliable dps!
to the top for reliable dps
Bump for reliable dps (3/4 more DE'd hunter pieces!!). Venturing into HoF on Monday!

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