[H] <Animus> 6/6 5/6 10m Needs Melee DPS

Area 52
need more ranged dps
bump because i'm fat after eating turkey
Looking for a weeknight raiding guild. Have a 471 fire/frost mage. 463 ele shaman and ill have my BM/Surv hunter 90 by next weekend. add my battletag if you would like to talk ingame. its Ocktavius#1781. Went 7/8 HM DS on shaman on 10% nerf. Did all all of my vanilla up to cata raiding on my hunter, just used my mage in this xpac for my current guild to help them get started on there weekend raid team which doesn't fit my schedule. any questions please contact me ingame.
Bump for a Ranged dps!!! (2/6 HoF now)
Bump for a dead Blade Lord and excellent progress on Garalon.
Dropped an app...thanks for the information.
Just the tip.

Need another dps (Hunter/Mage) to round us out.
8 bosses dead in 1 night...working on Garalon+ on Monday. Need hunter/mage

We will also consider any other exceptional DPS apps
phasa ended up suicide bombing each boss and we just rez'd him and claimed the loot. normally we wouldn't condone such actions, but it proved to benefit us quite well.
It's taking me HIIIIGHHERRRR!! HIIIGHERRR! High above the clouds!
b to the u to the m to the PEE
Bump for a dead Garalon and an almost dead Windlord before time ran out.
Also need a Resto druid that can boomkin.
Shameless bump for another dead boss tonight. Looking to kill 2 more on Monday.
Need a couple Melee DPS with priority on DPS Warrior or WW Monk!
bump bump, we're now 6/6 mgv aqnd 5/6 HoF. going into toes this week!

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