Does anyone else????

DISCLAIMER: This is a fun time absolutely not serious except when it is post so please don't come in here to preach to me or anyone else about it because I probably won't even remember that I wrote it in the morning and no one else is going to care.

So with that out of the way, does anyone else just throw up a little in their mouth when they think about Wrath, the spell? Man, if I had a quarter for every barely averted projectile vomiting caused by this spell, I would not be sitting on the forums !@#$%ing about it, I guarantee you that much.

Ever since Vanilla this spell has sucked. Dare I say it is one of the absolute worst cast time spells in the game? Yes I do dare. And no I don't dare to provide evidence because we all know that it is. I have nothing to prove here.

The only time I can vaguely remember loving this spell was on Chrommagus and the last boss of AQ20 in Vanilla. I may have loved it in Cataclysm on Chrommagus, too, had I not quit playing for personal reasons. But I digress.

Even in the one expansion where it didn't make me completely want to kill myself every time I cast it, i.e. WotLK, it was still so lackluster that if I hadn't had to cast it, I probably wouldn't have.

I am just so done with Wrath. So done. I'm outtie.

Edit: I forgot the word me.

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