So, the Shado Pan dailies on Sra'Vess

That was fun. Companion npc randomly disappearing and not coming back, stealth breaking while walking, "sap" item holding for 5 seconds before breaking, coin doing nothing, near impossibility of pulling 1 pack at a time.

That was a great experience blizz thanks for designing such awesome dailies....
I know. I tried to do the attacking the damn elites but no luck. Also, why is it necessary for the damn trash mobs to spawn so damn fast especially when engaging a group and they do so much damage too. I don't think ill bother with those quests again until blizzard fixes it or ill just not do them period. Blizzard-test your stuff........
The Sra'vess dailies are seriously bugged. The stealth mechanic works totally at random, your companion leaves you hanging at the worst possible times, and the mob density is such that you find yourself pulling six or seven without even knowing how. If the mechanics worked right, it'd still be hard. With the bugs, they're impossible. I abandoned two of them just now and logged out.

(edit): Went back to finish them, and had the added joy of the elites starting to evade and sapping more than one mob caused the first mob sapped to break CC. These quests are massively bugged.
I can deal with not using the stealth mechanic for those dailies, but I'd really like the npc companion to not agro everything it gets within 30 yards of.

Don't even get me started on Protector Leer-, I mean Yi, either.
Part of me is glad to see other people ticked off about the dailies in this area and the other part is bewildered at the fact that Blizz would design something that would make so many people angry.

I don't take a companion because they are completely useless.

I don't do the elite daily because I'm tired of dying - and still not killing one.

I'm tired of doing dailies in my tanking spec just so I can survive a group attack - group being more than 2 mobs... which is ridiculous.
I have issues with that area as well, its especially annoying for people with limited healing options or classes that are squishy. Mobs respawn too fast at times with the elites causeing several deaths.

I died 4 times tonight and I have pretty solid gear and dps, and they still manage to destroy me when facing those elites
The elites requiring you to tag them to get quest credit for The Bigger They Come makes that daily particularly painful on a high population server.
The high density of mobs is a welcomed challenge, in my opinion, it just needs to be a consistent one. Dying because your companion apparently forgot to turn off the oven is beyond aggravating. I always do the other sets of dailies by myself and I have no issues, but for this one I wouldn't even consider going in without stealth.

I think the easiest way of improving these dailies would be to make the stealth buff independent of the NPC and have the elites give credit to anyone who damages them.
10/20/2012 05:17 AMPosted by Nerfdks
I have issues with that area as well,

I have major issues with the area too.

And the elites need to give credit for anyone who attacks them. I'm tired tagging the mobs the minute they spawn (only way to get one) only to have someone come in and steal it.

It happens to me consistently, even with Klaxxi dailies, I'll ice lance something to pull it to my corner where I'm standing only to have someone swoop in and steal it, it turns from red to grey just like that.

Makes my dailes take twice as long. Spent almost an hour trying to get 4 elites tonight because of kill steals after I tagged it and it was red. Even with a frost nova to hold the two companions in place while I blink away to start damage, my mobs get stolen.
The bigger they come...

this quest is horrible. lets make what is effectively a rare spawn a non-shared kill AND you have to kill 4 of them.

on a crowded server like stormrage, you just skip this quest or it take 2 hours.
This quest is unnacceptable, we are already ready to commit a lot of time to complete dailies everyday and we have to spend on high pop servers almost an hour to complete a single quest (refering to The Bigger They Come) ?? This takes me back to when I was playing NES with wtf where the programmers thinking bad game design ...
Got these dailies today from Shado-Pan, dropped them as soon as I arrived in the area, dismounted, and didn't get the stealth buff. I'm revered so this isn't a big deal, but anyone grinding through honored is going to have a hard time doing these when they're so clearly broken.
Pick up the quest today and was not given an option to loot the bag making these quest more brutal. These quest are horrible designed. Way to frustrating for a daily. Companion attacks everything it feels like if I'm flying or out of stealth. Disappears at the most inconvenient times. Elites Respawn at a slow rate while the lesser ones spawn at a fast rate pretty much making me have to run away every time i just finished clearing an area and grabbing an elite.

I'm pretty disappointed in blizzard. Usually their content isn't so half-a**ed. But it is abundantly clear that these are.
For a bunch of super-elite skilled panda special ops guys, the shado pan sure are great at breaking CC, aggroing extra mobs, and making things evade.
absolutely ridiculous...I shouldn't have to get a group together EVERY DAY to complete quests that are needed for gear/rep. I am please with a LOT of what Blizz has done in MoP, but the shado pan dailies are a ridiculous amount of work and pain for minimal rep. I shouldn't have to choose to skip quests on a regular basis that are required by this new rep grinding model.
They do need to fix this, the quests are not challenging they are annoying and almost imposible to do without dying once and not make me even get started with the elite mantid because even a op paladin being able to heal himself cant take down more than 1 without having to use my lay on hands, and some companions aggro like thousands of mobs so yea they need to do something with those quest they are too frustrating and bad designed.

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