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Hey all, after LONG hours of camping the spawn location in Grizzly i FINALLY got Arcturis! it made it so hard for me because i had no idea when the spawn time of him last was and i was hoping there would be a forum, so im gonna help everyone else out in getting him by posting the time i got him :)

I got him at 10:38am Australian Eastern Standard Time. (AEST)
the spawn timer on him is believed to be 6-8 hours, and others say 10-12 and even 24 hours..
i was farming him since 3pm Tuesday afternoon AEST but there was a server shutdown at about 7pm that day for 8 hours. i set my alarm for 4am to get Arcturis straight away but over slept an hour, so i roughly calculated that he would of been tamed or killed at 4-4:30am AEST which means he has a 6 hour respawn! so GOODLUCK! hope this helps!
get a level 90 from another dead as hell realm to invite you to a group.

Instantly get pet.'

do it all the time for rare spawn kills and got ghost crawler today
Nice Im on a 10 hour session right now and still no luck for him spawning.
I tried to tame this guy at12:18am (my time) and came back on the following day at 9:30am.
Literally just tamed him at 1:25pm.. so it looks like his spawn time is about 13 hours.
Either that or it is just random but I can defo rule out a 6 or 12 hour spawn time.
Good luck fellow Hunters !!!!!
I logged on earlier at 12:29 am EST on Emerald Dream and saw a hunter tamming Arcturis.
I relogged on at 07:30 and there he was again and tammed him.
Just watched him get tamed at 12:22 US Central time on Wyrmwrest Accord.
Just tamed Arcturis at 9:01 PM CST ........ w00000t hope this info helps
will i be able to tame him on lightbringer at any point in time? should i even bother with rare pets on there? i have a job so i cant sit here for 12 hours straight :(
Tamed at 9:35 AM PDT on Wyrmrest Accord
Waited 3 hours with no knowledge of when he would spawn. Popped at 11:25 CST Mal'ganis Hope it helps. just have to be patient! :) Music and netflix help!
Just a note this is Oceanic forums so therefore only spawn times according to the oceanic crz would be worthwhile hearing. That being said I'm glad I got it during Wrath, took 11 hours to show up.
spawned and captured at 9:36 am after camping for four hours lol
just saw him tamed out from under me at 8:59pm EST 10/1/2014 on Shadow Council. Ill set an alarm for in 3am and see what happens. Last Spirit beast I need too >.<

edit: 8/2/2014 at 6am EST I tamed him. He was not up at 3am, but had spawned at 6.
Just tamed Arcturis today16NOV2014 at 1402 EST after camping/dipping in and out some of last night and most of the morning.

I named him Ursa Major. I tamed Echeyake forever ago...His name's Leo. Going to get the spirit crab. You guessed it...Cancer.
I got him at 2pm
he spawned @ 6.06pm today on Hellscream.. grrr got beat to it

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