Maps/waypoints of all master pet tamers.

Pet Battles
Now that the daily pet battles have finally been fixed this Tuesday, you should now be able to challenge each and every master pet tamer every day. Since this is a great way to powerlevel low level pets, I whipped up Tomtom waypoints with descriptions, including levels, names, and pet classes and just plain old Wowhead maps for those who prefer not to use addons. The waypoints require installing the very useful AddOn, Tomtom. :)


/way Northern Barrens 58.6 53 L3 Dagra the Fierce (beast/critter)
/way Ashenvale 20.2 29.6 L5 Analynn (flying/aquatic/critter)
/way Stonetalon Mountains 59.6 71.6 L7 Zonya the Sadist (beast/critter)

/way Desolace 57.2 45.8 L9 Merda Stronghoof (elemental/aquatic/critter)
/way Southern Barrens 39.6 79.2 L11 Cassandra Kaboom (mechanical)
/way Feralas 59.6 49.6 L13 Traitor Gluk (dragonkin/critter/beast)

/way Dustwallow Marsh 53.8 74.8 L14 Grazzle the Great (dragonkin)
/way Thousand Needles 31.8 32.8 L15 Kela Grimtotem (critter/beast)
/way Felwood 40 56.6 L16 Zoltan (magic/mechanical)
/way Moonglade 46 60.6 L17 Elena Flutterfly (magic/flying/dragonkin)

/way Winterspring 65.6 64.6 L19 Stone Cold Trixxy (flying/beast/dragonkin)

Eastern Kingdoms

/way Westfall 60.8 18.6 L3 Old MacDonald (flying/mechanical/critter)
/way Redridge Mountains 33.2 52.6 L5 Lindsay (critter)
/way Duskwood 20 44 L7 Eric Davidson (beast)
/way Northern Stranglethorn 46 40.6 L9 Steven Lisbane (beast/magic)

/way The Cape of S 51.2 73.6 L11 Bill Buckler (flying/humnaoid)
/way The Hinterlands 62.8 54.6 L13 David Kosse (beast/magic/critter)
/way Eastern Plaguelands 67 52.4 L14 Deiza Plaguehorn (beast/undead)

/way Searing Gorge 35.6 27.8 L15 Kortas Darkhammer (dragonkin)
/way Swamp of Sorrows 76.6 41.6 L16 Everessa (beast/aquatic/flying)
/way Burning Steppes 25.6 47.6 L17 Durin Darkhammer (flying/critter/elemental)

/way Deadwind Pass 40.2 76.7 L19 Lydia Accoste (undead/elemental)


/way Hellfire Peninsula 64.2 49.2 L20 Nicki Tinytech (mechanical)
/way Zangarmash 17.2 50.4 L21 Ras'an (magic/flying/humanoid)
/way Nagrand 61, 49.4 L22 Narrok (beast/critter/aquatic)
/way Shattrath City 58.8 70.1 L23 Morulu The Elder (aquatic)

/way Shadowmoon Valley 30.5 41.8 L24 Bloodknight Antari (magic/elemental/dragonkin)


/way Howling Fjord 28.6 33.8 L25 Beegle Blastfuse (flying/aquatic)
/way Dragonblight 59 77 L25 Okrut Dragonwaste (undead/dragonkin)
/way Zul'drak 13.2 66.8 L25 Gutretch (beast/critter)
/way Crystalsong Forest 50.2 59 L25 Nearly Headless Jacob (undead)

/way Icecrown 77.4 19.6 L25 Major Payne (beast/mechanical/elemental)


/way Mount Hyjal 61.4 32.8 L25 Brok (magic/beast/critter)
/way Deepholm 49.8 57 L25 Bordin Steadyfist (elemental/critter)
/way Twilight Highlands 56.6 56.8 L25 Goz Banefury (magic/elemental/beast)
/way Uldum 56.6 42 L25 Obalis (beast/flying/critter)


/way The Jade Forest 48 54 L25 Hyuna of the Shrines (aquatic/beast/flying)
/way Valley of the F 46 43.6 L25 Farmer Nishi (elemental/beast)
/way Krasarang Wilds 62.2 45.8 L25 Mo'ruk (flying/aquatic/beast)

/way Kun-Lai Summit 35.8 73.6 L25 Couraegous Yon (beast/critter/flying)
/way Townlong Steppes 36.2 52.2 L25 Seeker Zusshi (elemental/critter/aquatic)
/way Dread Wastes 55 37.6 L25 Wastewalker Shu (aquatic/beast/elemental)

/way Vale of Eternal B 67.6 40.8 L25 Aki the Chosen (critter/dragonkin/aquatic)

Wowhead Maps:

Kalimdor + Uldum/Mt Hyjal

Eastern Kingdoms + Twilight Highlands




(Unfortunately it seems like Wowhead doesn't have the Pandaria continent map up yet, so I had to use Azeroth)

Hope this helped any other avid pet battlers out there!
I ran out of textspace up above, but in case people wanted to know more:

Why bother with the maps?
After you complete the initial "Battle Pet Masters: XYZ" quest, objectives and handy arrows no longer show up on your minimap or map. Having an awful memory, I personally wanted visual representation of tamers without having to tab to Wowhead, search by name, for each individual tamer.

Why bother with battling NPC tamers?
Only the grand master dailies provide bags that have a chance of Porcupette/bandages. However, all tamers provide about 4x more XP than a random pet battle and since their class compositions are always fixed, you can swap out different pets each time to counter each tamer. Thus it becomes very easy to powerlevel lower level pets by dropping the last pet's health as low as it possibly can go, passing until your high level pet dies, swapping out your low level pet, and using one or two attacks to gain full XP as if your low pet had beaten all 3 pets itself. Instant full level (or more) :)

To expand on that thought, I've noticed Undead pets are incredibly useful for this tactic. I start with the lower level pet first, let it swing once, swap out to my Undead, bring the last enemy pet to as low as it possibly can, and pass until my Undead dies and the 1 round of immortality procs. In that 1 round, I kill the enemy pet. However, immediately after that the Undead pet dies as well - and boom, all the XP goes to the initial low level pet.

The Undead pet tactic simply helps reduce RNG that can happen with low level pets missing that last hit or getting unluckily crit or whatever nonsense. :) It's simply a bit less risky.

TL;DR: NPC tamers are useful for people who already have high-level pets and are trying to level others as fast as possible for whatever reason (the class, the achievement for 75 lvl 10 or lvl 25 pets, etc.).

Personally I greatly prefer battling tamers to grinding multiple random pets, but maybe you feel the opposite. Either way, I hope I was able to help anyone out there who felt the same way as me.
Super, thanks!
What Undead do you favor for your Undead leveling technique?

How high a pet tamer can you successfully use your Undead technique? I doubt even two level 25 Undead could beat the level 24 pets of Bloodknight Antari in Shadowmoon Valley.
Yes, the undead tip is not for the level 24+ tamers - it's more for the pushovers in Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdom that you can plow through and then mash pass until their pets get your higher level pet to die.

For the level 25 tamers, I wouldn't recommend PLing anything lower than 23. It definitely gets harder at that point, basically for the max level tamers you need to exactly counter their classes as hard as you can.

Certain level 25 tamers are easier to PL off than others. Antari is one of the ones that is difficult unless the pet you are PLing happens to be strong against his comp.

Easier tamers for example would be the ones in Northrend, they grant level 25XP but because they're mostly undead, you can just use a 25 Toad with critter abilities and steamroll your way through most of the tamers there.

For tamers like Antari, if you really want to do it, my recommendation would be to counter their classes exactly and specifically. For example use L25 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling against his Magic pet, and a L25 Aquatic or a Critter (a snail is decent) against his Elemental, and hope that your first 2 high level pets were strong enough to wreck through their matched pet and do about 50% hp of the next pet's health before dying.

When I'm countering tamers pet for pet in this way, it might be worth mentioning that there will always be 1 specific pet that goes last, and the pet that starts first is between the other 2 pets. On some tamers I've found it to be fairly consistent which pet they choose to go first (Antari will send out his Magic pet first 80% of the time) but on other tamers it's more 50/50. I simply forfeit and restart the battle over and over until the pet I have starting is matched up with the pet I want it to counter.

For my favored Undead, any will work as long as it's max/higher level than the tamer you are battling. I personally use Scourged Whelpling just because it's my 25. However, for some of the lower level tamers (e.g. the 3-9 bracket) I might pick a random pet that's not max level simply because it takes ages for them to kill the pet due to the misses and dodges.
I think you forgot the tamer in Durotar, Kunta i think is his name, level 2 pets.
OP, I don't understand. I just tracked down a pet tamer, and I can't battle him again. (The one in Westfalls). I fought him ages ago, and when I seen this post about grinding your pets faster. I obviously jumped at it.
As I understand it, you're only supposed to be able to battle the final trainer for each continent more than once.
There were two bugs here. One that let people battle trainers more than once, and another one that kept some people from getting the dailies.
Dailies only unlock once you have defeated all the Battle Masters of that continent. Not by defeating one Master. You need to plow through Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimador, Outland, Northrend, and Pandaria to unlock all the dailies.
Ahh, I know why now. I didn't finish the quest, that's why. heehee:)
IDK, unless I happen to be right by a trainer I don't bother. The travel time and fight difficulties make the dailies not worth it.
great post, ty
10/23/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Sesamee
IDK, unless I happen to be right by a trainer I don't bother. The travel time and fight difficulties make the dailies not worth it.

Keep in mind, due to them being account quests, you can just park alts at them. Log on, battle a pet and log out. Although I will say I haven't done this personally but plan too, although I don't see why it wouldn't work.
I would really like them to add xp to all the daily quest to help encourage people(I mean me) to go out and do them. The first three either give xp at 89 or lower or double gold. The rest give the same one level of gold which should be doubled/have xp added depending on level.
Howdy , thanks for the great list

one thing tho! Zangarmarsh has two r's.

/way Zangarmash 17.2 50.4 L21 Ras'an (magic/flying/humanoid)
love this post
Thank you for this post!
Actually, as of this year, your lower pet can perform ONE action and even if it misses still counts and get full exp. You don't have to put it into battle after your other pet is finishing the opposing team.
now they are removed from the maps.
i need an addon that shows the location of the masters.
I see them on my world map. Don't remember if you are required to explore/discover the map area a trainer is in before it's shown to you. I think that might be inconsistent from xpac to xpac.

There are a couple legion wq/trainers in Suramar that must be unlocked by doing the quest lines.

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