Kalimdor daily pet battle quests

Pet Battles
I can do the Winterspring daily on my Alliance toon but the others I can only do on my Horde toon.

Is this what others are seeing?

I know I battled some of the other Kalimdor pet tamers with my Alliance toon originally.
I'm having a similar issue. I did all the Kalimdor tamers on my horde and all the Eastern Kingdom's on my Alliance main. I have the achievement for the Kalim tamers on my horde, but on my alliance toon, I have all the tamers checked off, but it doesn't show the achievement as 'earned'. I've gone over to Kalim a couple of times on my alliance toon to do the dailies with her, but have only been able to do them once or twice. The days I couldn't do them on my alliance, I then got on my horde and only about half of those days I was able to do them at all. I put in a ticket about this and, after 5 days, I just got a reply this afternoon while I was at work, with their generic "sorry can't just hand you achievements or give you hints of how to earn them". I earned it. It shows it earned on my horde (and when you mouse over the number showing the points it even says that it's earned by all my characters), but when I get on my main (alliance) it only shows them all as checked off, but not 'earned'. So, because of that, I apparently have to hop characters every day to hope that I get to do them all that day. *sigh*

Edit. Just looked at my achievements on here and it shows it earned. lol
So which Pet trainers can be you fight if you are alliance and want to battle the ones in Kalimdor?
And Vica versa for Horde in Eastern Kingdoms?
As far as I can tell it's only the main 2 'boss' ones in Winterspring / Deadwind pass?

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