Blizzard Launcher.exe - Application Error

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This error popped up when I tried to run my WoW. I can still run WoW from the exe file but I'd rather have this issue fixed then use the work around. The pop up looked like this

Blizzard Launcher.exe - Application Error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application.

Any help from anyone who has had the same issue would be great, thanks.
Do you have a proper crash log you can post? Did you notice anything unusual or know of anything that could be affecting the launcher?
The cilent never crashed, I simply turned on my computer and tried playing WoW. That message was all I got.
Can anyone help me with this? I think one day is a decent waiting period.
Did you guys find a solution for this? just got the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000006). Last night was fine, today i turn on my machine and out wow launcher !@#$%fed out.
Have you tried deleting the folder?

If that doesn't help see if you can get more info about the error on Windows' Event Viewer.
Just had this issue happen to me. The launcher has Flash structure that receives from Internet Explorer. Make sure Flash player is updated on Internet Explorer Browser. I mean no one ever updates it because who uses Internet Explorer >.>

Do this:

1. Open Internet Explorer (64-bit) [if you have 64bit wow launcher]
2. Go to:
3. Make sure to install flashplayer for Internet Explorer Browser.
4. Done.
In you don't use IE, uninstalling flash player ActiveX should also work. I believe Blizzard is mainly using html5 on the content displayed by the launcher.
Sry for my bad English
but i had the same problem too..
it happened after AVG Antivirus was recently updated..

so AVG antivirus is the real culprit here

all u need to do is go to advance settings in ur AVG antivirus
go to exceptions list or options available in avg
select file type as file or exe.
and add ur wow64.exe and wow.exe toe the exception list and problem solved

Hope this helped.. happy grinding!!!

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