(H) Tabbed out 25 man (12/14H)

Bleeding Hollow
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Mages are extinct....that is all.
01/23/2013 04:51 AMPosted by Chrysaora
Mages are extinct....that is all.

Nah they just mad cus they got nerfed
Silly mages, trix are for kids.
We caught a wild lazerturkey....
still looking for mana cake baker, lazerchicken, and maybe a few other casters
see our website for deets
updated 5/16 blah blah. Get in now for fun wind lord kill
I mean 6/16.. and get in now for fun Garalon kill
still looking for some ranged dps!
I feel so lonely sometimes.
I tank and bump at the same time.
hm SK progression this week!
recruiting ranged dps
see our needs on our website: tabbedout.net
I support this thread.
bump for three bosses first night
to the top! of my heart....
wuts goin on in here?
Bump for Hydra running out of heads.....

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