[A] Stark Fist of Removal (10) Recruiting

Emerald Dream
The World Ends Tomorrow and YOU MAY DIE! (wait, didn't that happen last expansion?)
Well, no, probably not...but whatever you do, just keep reading!


"Unpredictables" are not alone and possess amazing hidden powers of their own! Are You Abnormal? THEN YOU ARE PROBABLY BETTER THAN MOST PEOPLE WE END UP IN PUGS WITH. YES! YOUR KIND SHALL TRIUMPH!

This is an unauthorized copy of the original Time Control program that has helped thousands to fear no longer the STARK FIST of REMOVAL.

If you are what they call "different" -- If you think we're entering a new Dark Age -- If you see the universe as one vast morbid sense of humor -- If you are looking for a guild that will condone superior degeneracy and tell you that you are "above" everyone else (while we talk smack about you on /o ) -- If you can help us with donations to our Guild Bank -- <STARK FIST OF REMOVAL> could save your sanity!

Established April 2006, SFoR has a guild bank [8 slots!] AND a tabard (and SFoRums and a mumble server). Guild level 25. We lost a bunch of people to Cata ennui and are short some warm bodies for MoP raiding. Currently need ranged dps more than anything, but if you've read this far we'll talk to you -- especially if you can do a convincing Christopher Walken impression.

So yeah, tl;dr:
*We're level 25.
*10 man raiding, Tu/Th(and sometimes Sun)
*Running old content for nerdpoints.
*Making obscure cultural references on /g that only people over 30 understand.

Talk to Smuts, Nasty, Chimay or me, or just post what you had for lunch today in this thread, or give me food or kill me.
My lunch was more like a late breakfast, a bagel egg sandwich and rasher of turkey bacon with a glass of belgian dark tripel.
I had a (turkey) meatball parm with some yam fries and a double IPA.
Yeah, Blackrock got unlivable (http://wow.realmpop.com/us-blackrock.html, see what happens to horde:alliance if you move the sliders so it only shows lvl 90!). There's hardly any alliance left at all on the server. You'd see more in Westfall (via CRZ) than in Stormwind.

Much happier here -- an active community, an active economy and world pvp that isn't totally one-sided.

Er, I mean .. transfer trash? us? Nevar! Must be a coincidence. I take umbrage at the very notion! *wink, nudge*

Also, I had some leftover macaroni and cheese (no, not from a box) with some hard blackberry cider for lunch today.
I had a burrito and some chips w/guac.
Im eating some pizza. are you all still raiding?
Anything interesting on that pizza? We had 6 viable raiders on tonight at raid time (9 server). Recruiting on trade is undignified, but it looks like I might have to. We could use a couple dps and maybe a heal.
Bonus food update: Chicken pot pie for dinner with some homebrew imperial stout.
JALAPENO BURGER FROM FARMER BOYS (hehehe farmer boys) it was yummy... it had a spicy ranch sauce that was AMAZING!!! what wonders will tomorrow bring... ill keep y'all posted lol
Hello again lol... on today's menu was a delicious chicken burrito from chipotle... it had white rice, pinto beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce and the hot sauce to boot sooo good, really hit the spot... stay tuned for tomorrows delicious choice ^_^
I had about a pound of boneless skinless chicken breast and some broccoli.

We're also recruiting. It helps if you drink good beer.

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