The Stalwart Guardian: A Guide to Protection

Oh and the trolls just keep coming. Another 13k gear score player trolling, gee what a shock.
10/21/2012 11:09 AMPosted by Sworoth
Oh and the trolls just keep coming. Another 13k gear score player trolling, gee what a shock.

Who the hell still uses gear score? Rofl

Death from Above is pretty much a must for any raid situation which demands mobility (Stone Guards, Feng, Spirit Kings, Elegon, Will of the Emperor).

Oh wait that's 5 out of 6 bosses in just this raid alone.

I still disagree with this. You don't need 30 second Heroic Leap on Stone Guard, Feng, or Will.

The only one you can debate to me is Will and even then I'll say you don't need it, or at least I don't.
It's fairly nice on feng. If you miss a stun in P1 it gets you out. Certainly not required but arguable. I think the hard part for a lot of people is differentiating heroic leap vs the heroic leap glyph. The ability is useful on a lot of fights, but a 30 second one is not.
It is nice to have on them but I'm lazy, and have been doing those bosses without it so far. The bosses we are still progressing on i feel my mobility is not what's holding us back (it's purely dos)
Also, BUMP
I hope if people find this useful we can get it stickied so that I don't have to keep digging for it!
This should really be stickied until someone comes up with a better protection guide!
I'm going to bump this just so I can find it easier. I heard somebody else was supposed to be working on a guide, but given that a guide needs to have more than a quote and a pithy one-liner response, I'm not expecting it any time soon.

There are a few discrepancies and some unexplained biases in the guide, but overall it's certainly a decent starting point.
Thanks for the work on this.

Thanks for paying attention to my suggestions, and BUMP.
Bump again!
Had trouble finding it.
This is a good guide, I was hoping to find a tanking guide for MoP and this is a good start.
Just fyi, the Dragon Roar not generating threat is a bug, though I have no idea when Blizzard plan to get around to fixing it.
Combat tables, diminishing returns and you!
Lunchbuffet, you claim you don't gem for stamina but according to your armory you are using +stamina gems.

Did you change your mind?
Good info, bump
Yes, on fights where I can benefit from it I have been experimenting with using two mastery trinkets, and so I offset the loss in stamina by adding some stamina to my gem sockets.

Also, BUMP ^_^

Hope this guide continues to assist people.
I wasn't sure if this was still helping people, but I see that it is. Where's our sticky!
I was wondering where the prot sticky was.

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