Master transmute and living steel

I've been leveling up my mages alchemy went from 1 to now 500 and decided to go transmute master. I picked up the quest and it requires 4 living steel,why was it upped it seems sort of crazy and maby not even worth it heck at 500 you cant even make living steel
Something a lot of people seem to have a rough time grasping is that 99% of this game exists at max level. And pretty much the only thing supported before max level is things that get you to max level.

You are right, at 500alch transmute mastery isn't worth it, it wouldn't be worth if it was still truegold either because no one wants anything you can make at 500 alch. If its not worth it at a given point, that doesn't mean something is wrong with it, it just means you shouldn't do it. just because its available doesn't mean you need to do it. honestly at 600 its probably not worth it right now.
In Cataclysm it required four truegold. Living steel is this expansion's equivalent of truegold, except it's cheaper to make. The requirements are actually less strict than they were in Cataclysm. And don't even get me started on the nightmare that was cooking up five Primal Might.
lol mote hell
If you want the shortened version -- it's worth it if you plan on making a Living Steel every day for months (time varies depending on when you purchased / farmed mats for the initial 4; I dropped 1200g each early on).

Otherwise, go flask master and just make some extra gold as you sustain your own needs.

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