Candy Bucket disappears Stoneplow (Stone Mug

Bug Report
In the Valley of the Four Winds at Stoneplow (Stone Mug Tavern) the candy bucket disappears. I start flying away and it reappears, so I go back to get it and it disappears again!

Thank You
Now I went to Mistfall Village in The Vale of Eternal Blossoms looking to go trick and treating, all of the NPC are missing! Along with the candy bucket :(
I too am having the same problem with Stoneplow! T_T
So is mine....
I know how it is fixed, you have to complete the quests that are in stoneplow for the achievement Savior of Stoneplow. Because the Inn is phased, so just do all the quests and it will not be phased for you anymore.
I have no quests left to do in Stoneplow and I still can't see the bucket :(
If you have finish all the quests at Stoneplow the bucket is in the first part of the senario. I can't get it either because I finished all quests there and the scene is changed now.
I cant see the bucket either, does anyone know how long bliz thinks it will take to fix this?-mist fall
I was just able to complete the one in Stoneplow. I had one more quest line left that had to be finished in order for the candy to show up. There is a quest giver close to the wall, something like Student No More, finish that questline then you can get the candy in Stoneplow.

Someone else was just telling me that you need to do a quest for rep in the Vale of Eternal Blossom to, rep for Golden Lotus....I'm going to go find out!
Im having the same issue with no trick or treat bucket....also the flight path NPC disappears. Issued 2 tickets but no response :(
Had to finish the following to get myself into the correct phase:

I cant even do that because in the "Students No More" quest, the four people you have to find are phased out also. :/// wow. this is making me mad

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