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I use this macro on my Balance spec to shift to Moonkin Form whenever not in Moonkin Form and to cast a particular spell when in Moonkin Form:

/cast [form:0/1/2/3/4/6] Moonkin Form
/cast [form:5] {spell}

Now I am trying to accomplish the same thing for my Restoration spec so that the macro casts Treant Form when not in Treant Form and cast a spell if already in Treant Form. However it does not seem to work.

I have read that apparently the Treant Form given by the Glyph does not qualify as a Form, so it has no form # assigned to it.

Can anyone confirm this? Is it a bug? Is there a workaround?
Tree of Life is a form.

So assuming that's what you mean:

/cast [form:5] Spell; Incarnation: Tree of Life
Tree of Life is a form.

So assuming that's what you mean:

/cast [form:5] Spell; Incarnation: Tree of Life

Thanks, but the Treant Form I'm talking about is the old one which used to be a talent but is now a cosmetic change via glyph. Your link lists Tree of Life as a form but that is the old talented spell and Incarnation: Tree of Life is a new talent that gives you a 3min cooldown spell that transforms you into an uber version of the old Tree of Life for 30 secs.
If Treant is purely cosmetic change or just a buff then you can't use it as a conditional in a macro.
10/19/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Sedivy
If Treant is purely cosmetic change or just a buff then you can't use it as a conditional in a macro.

I know, and that seems to be the problem; it does not have a form # assigned to it. However, it does appear on the Form Bar along with the other shapeshifts.

My question is if this is a bug and/or intended and, is there a workaround to it so I can have the same function with Treant Form as the macro in OP allows me with Moonkin Form. there a noshepeshift conditional?
What does this output while in cosmetic Treant form?/dump GetShapeshiftForm(true)

By the way, not everything that appears on the stance bar is considered a stance/form for the purpose of the macro conditional (think DK Presences and Hunter Aspects).
Thanks Choonster. Your suggestion of the /dump gave me the answer. It's not a stance/form like the others, whether on purpose, an oversight or a bug.

I got 4 for Travel Form, and 6 for Flight Form, the two buttons on either side of Treant Form on the bar.

Treant Form returned 0.

In Restoration spec, when I removed the Glyph of Treant, Flight Form became 5.

In Balance, Moonkin Form takes the 5th spot and returns 5 on the dump command.

If I add the Treant Glyph to my Balance spec the Treant Form button shows up between Travel and Moonkin. Then Moonkin returns 6 and Flight returns 7, but Treant still returns 0.

Very strange.

This really seems like a bug to me rather than part of the design. It would be nice if they fixed it, but, I can't imagine it has any kind of priority.

Thanks again Choonster.
It's not a bug. Treant is purely cosmetic and not a true form. You're still humanoid as a treant and not immune to polymorph, making it completely unlike any other druid form. Treant will return form 0 because you are still in caster form, despite your cosmetic appearance.

I would expect zero effort by Blizzard to change code to make treant recognized as a form by macros.
There is more to it than just cosmetics.
When in treant form, you are not allowed to ride a mount. It gives the following error:
"You can't mount while shapeshifted."

I have noticed the following about treant form

/cancelform does not work
using [form:0] as a conditional will affect you for treant form

but still, you cannot ride a mount while in treant form.

This came to my attention when I tried to write a macro to shape shift out of treant form automatically in order to ride a mount, it just doesn't work.

For bear, aquatic, kitty, travel, and flight forms, when you try to mount up, you will automatically be changed out of the shape shift form you were in, but this does not happen if you are in treant form.

Here is what I have done:

/cast [spec:1] treant form *** I only cast treant form if in my resto spec (spec 1)***
/cast venomhide ravasaur

this will shape shift me out of treant form and summon my ravasaur mount if I was in treant form to start with. PASS

If I am not in treant form to start with, it will shape shift me into treant form, and then fail to summon the mount. FAIL

while mounted on the ravasaur, if I run this macro, it will dismount me and change me back into treant form. PASS

I'f I try to run this macro while mounted on a different mount, it will dismount me, change me into treant form, and then fail to summon the ravasaur. FAIL

If I had a way to check to see if I was in treant form, and then make /cast treant form conditional on if I was in treant form, then I would be able to write a macro that would not have the FAIL conditions listed above.
/cancelaura Treant Form

that works!
then need to just give shapeshifting its own GCD

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