Riddle me this AH gurus...

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12/01/2012 01:06 AMPosted by Anon

Don't misunderstand undercut for taking a loss.

Herb stacks are well over 200g a stack. If you want to see the DMF trinket for 18,000g - go right ahead.
WTS Relic of Niuzao 18k

x2 for 35k (must bring me the gold on Horde side)
I hope you continue to be a good guy. I'm not a big enough fish that I can do this with crafted gear, but I'm in the 250k gold land just on Glyphs, Ore and Bars and I'm ok with that. I can buy anything in the game and not have to actually "work" for it.

I just don't understand why people would purposefully sabotage their own bank account.

I think I have about 100K gold total on all my toons on this server. That is more than enough for me.
I don't use any AH add-ons so...

As for farming my own mats, occasionally I'll purposely farm mats if I need/want to make a certain item (or for quest). Most of the mats I aquire are just part of doing the dailies/questing. I'll craft the items when I get enough mats. I'm not farming mats to create items. Therefore I'm not devoting/dedicating a lot of time to farming. I also don't have an inscriptionist so no time wasted with the milling/etc.

When I said i sell crafted items for 7500K less, the items I'm talking about are usually listed for about 12K so...

As for me being a good guy, yes I am. I make/donate a chopper every couple months to my main's guild. They in turn have a roll-off for it.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no prize for accumulating the most gold in the game. If you want millions of gold, great and I wish you luck. I don't. I also don't want to "screw" (because there is no list price) folks just because something dropped for me or I got lucky on a roll
TIME is the only commodity that really matters.

With the recent 50% reduction in Herb and Ore respawn times, it's going to require more time.

What you do with your time is really up to you. I'm not talking millions of gold, I've never had more than 150k on hand. What i'm talking about is just normal, observable averages.

How much time does it take to farm a stack of 'x'
While there are people who "gouge", there are plenty of people who sell at market value.

What I mean by that is you have people selling stacks of herbs at 200g a stack. That's absurd. You have a whole bunch of people selling 80g-100g right now. I don't think any differently of the guy selling at 80g or the guy selling at 100g.

Now the guy that shows up and sells 4-6 stacks at 29g...that's the guy I'm chuckling at. 4-6 stacks is not going to force the mkt to change. Rather, someone who does use an addon is going to giggle and just snap up your 4-6 auctions and relist them.

Apply that to the DMF trinkets right now. 80,000g for the opening DMF was absurd, but people bought them. 25,000-50,000g for the DMF trinkets for the 2nd one...ok still a little high. However, coming out of a 50% reduction of herb nodes...the INT trinket has dropped to 14,000g; and I saw the AGI and STR trinkets to below 20,000g.

(If you're reading this and want a trinket, this is the week to do it...the scribes are all in a panic).

The 50% spawn reduction isn't going to change. Using the TSM addon, the average price of Ink of Dreams has doubled in a week. Before last Tuesday, you could mill stacks of herbs at an average of 6g 50s per ink of dream. This week, it's over 13g and pushing 15g over the weekend.

I just don't understand why so many scribes are panicing and dropping their trinkets to such low prices. You can't produce individual cards at the price people are selling the trinkets for.

Anyway, it's always fun to check back in on this post.
Anyone complaining about the 50% drop in herb spawn rate is probably still circling the Briny Muck hoping the Fool's Cap will come back. I have personally changed my herbing habits and I'm now rolling in herbs...not to mention Golden Lotus. I use my own supply for Inscription and guild donations. Therefore, you don't see me in the herb market.

I feel like it's mostly the people complaining about the change that are posting in the forums. Hopefully others will soon realize that it really isn't as big of a change as some make it out to be...especially for inscriptionists since we can mill any of the herbs, not just Fool's Cap that was previously so plentiful.

As an Inscriptionist and Herbalist (different toon), I'm not in a panic at all. I don't need money in game. The herbs are still rolling in. I don't see any reason to raise any of my prices. I too like to provide items at a reasonable price and help others.

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