Selling a lvl 25 Guild.

Hey guys, obviously not the one i am in on this toon, but i am bringing over a guid that i don't need anymore and would prefer to sell it on saurfang rather then some random server. Please hit me up either here or in game if you are interested.
Transferring this guild here will give me a free name change so you can call it what ever you like.
I am not charging much cause i want to get rid of it quick, so 120k would be great, but if your really quick I'm sure ill drop it a little.
tc all!
bump for 110k !
still selling this guild if anyone is interested !
I will buy for one Wind Bomb.
I had nightmares off that wind bomb you hit at 5% on wind lord...
I couldn't sleep properly, i kept cursing your name repeating what potato had said as you ran towards that wind bomb.. 'No fisshhhh, nooooooooo'

'Wind Lord Convictfish'
Keep yo wind bomb and ill raise you 100k!
100k for this guild! Hit me up in game!
Just why bigbad. just why

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