The Fears That Rise And Strike (OOC/Signups)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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The caverns... They echoed...

They whispered...

They spoke.

The Caverns... They asked...

They begged...

They called.

The darkest reaches of system of caves is perpetually in darkness, the outer fringes merely shaded, but the luminescent purple crystals of the place do little to illuminate more than a few yards ahead of one.

In the inky blackness, things stir. Fears and dreams given shape that rear their ugly heads and strike at those who lose their way into the depths of Azeroth.

Legends, that is all there are. Legends. Tales told 'round dying campfires of the way things used to be, or could be again. That is all there is. So how then, did two groups find their way into these magical, mana-infused caverns that play host to nightmares?

Kel'tira Sunblaze and the Horde

The Blood Elf paladin was striding across the small room, the cramped floor space covered in bits and pieces of parchment, and her footsteps crackled with every other step as she trampled what may or may not have been House financial records.

"They have been gone a week, and nothing! Where? How? Why?"

The smaller figure in the room happened to nod, "Where, how, why..."

Kel'tira Sunblaze continued, "It doesn't matter! Drix, get me the paper that had the latest report in it?"

The small form clanked around the room for a moment, moving carefully around the clutter, and gathered up a sheet of paper bearing nothing more than a printed line, the handwriting neat and clear.

We found them. We found them. I don't know where we are, but we found them. The glow from the crystals is harsh, painful to those who stare at it. We have lost three to the caves and I... I hear them calling me... We don't know how... we got here, not quite. It just... happened. We think because we wanted it enough... The crystals call us into the depths...

With a curse, Kel threw the parchment on the ground, alongside so many other sheets like it, and rose, "Drix. I'm leaving. Tell the Fellowship where I've gone, and..."

She pauses as Drix whirs in the center of the room, "Run a tracking routine. Send them to me if they wish to follow me. Light help them if they do."

"Mistress. Tracking routine implemented. 98.3% chance to send followers to plus/minus one meter."

The paladin nodded, gathering her armor and buckling it on, "Good. I'm following the others."

With that, the paladin stalked towards the door, the entirety of her mind focused on where her missing people had gone.

She doubled over with a cry as she crossed the threshold, retching violently into the sand under her feet.


There wasn't sand in the Sunblaze House.

But then again, she wasn't in the Sunblaze House.

The wreckage scattered around contained everything from everywhere imaginable. The most interesting part of her new environs was the tent snapping in the wind, the red banners flying the sigil of the Horde.

Allaynna Kidrain and the Alliance

The death knight was not happy. That much was abundantly clear to any who walked the streets of Stormwind around her. That much was immediately obvious to any who crossed her path. With a curse, the woman stomped into her small house in the Trade District.

She was, however, in for a very startling surprise.

As she stepped through her doorway, Allaynna Kidrain was struck by a wave of nausea that she immediately equivocated with a portal.

When the death knight straightened from her crouched position, the great broadsword immediately came out of the sheathe across her back, her body relaxed into a fighter's stance.

When no immediate threat presented itself, the death knight rose to her feet, her sword held ready at her side, and stared out at the ocean of sand unlike any she had seen before.

With a groan, she set out towards the shadowed caves in the near distance, ignorant of the scattered wreckage, some bearing Horde insignia, others Alliance, and still others all factions in between.

Drix and the Fellowship

The little robot whirred and hummed busily, sitting in Kel's study where he always did. The door, was, as always, open to any who were looking for Kel. The only difference was the note tacked to the door.

Fellowship: I've gone to investigate something from my House scouts. Drix knows how to find me.
House: Don't bother me, I'm not around. Bother Cyaer, he needs the experience, after all.
((Welcome, friends!

I'm coming back to forum RP for more than just journals now, and to celebrate, I figured I would throw up a closed thread with an idea I've been playing around with.

I know the story may or may not be lore-stretching, but just bear with me, I promise it will be interesting.

In a paragraph:

The Horde and Alliance and anyone in between are being randomly drawn to this cave system that's been imbued with magic. The two factions may or may not have to work together to get free. Things will happen, it will be interesting, and while I may be a little rusty, I'm going to do my level best to give you a good story.

The Rising Sun Fellowship: You can find Drix, either in the Hall or in the Sunblaze House. Other Horde members? You can be randomly teleported or find Drix. Alliance can be teleported.


Race / Class
Appearance (Without armor, imagine in simple clothes)
Gear (Weapons, armor, and anything you might pull from a pocket or have with you)
Short Backstory

Kreindis Blazestride (Blood Elf Paladin) - Kreindis
Kel'tira Sunblaze (Blood Elf Paladin) - Allaynna
Lyrilia Dawnblade (Blood Elf Warrior) - Lyrilia
Arthien Dawnstrider (Blood Elf Warlock) - Daedhel
Cyaer Sunblaze (Blood Elf Rogue) - Cyaer
Tislina Dawnrunner (Blood Elf Mage) - Tislina


John Landers (Human Mage) - Arrenn
Allaynna Kidrain (Human Death Knight) - Allaynna
Adrian Octavian (Human Marksman) - Dristis
Reyara Leafblade (Night Elf Shadow Priest) - Lynara
Alanna Starsinger (Night Elf Hunter) - Tislina


Auxilia (possibly, guild)
Gear (possibly, ex-guild)
Now when you say for the gear section "anything you might pull from your pocket", does that mean we won't be wearing gear or having weapons?

Just a small confusion. Otherwise I'm probably going to post a sign up.
Mmm... This is what happens when I lack sleep.

And... it made me post on Kel?

Not cool.

But no, it should read, "Armor, weapons, and anything else you might pull from your pocket."

EDIT: Fixed it!
Mmm... This is what happens when I lack sleep.

And... it made me post on Kel?

Not cool.

But no, it should read, "Armor, weapons, and anything else you might pull from your pocket."

EDIT: Fixed it!

An rp... with kel..... WHY NOT!

/throws down a reserve
10/20/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Ihealedyou
An rp... with kel..... WHY NOT!

I feel very special. This is just my saturday, huh?
10/20/2012 08:27 PMPosted by Allaynna
An rp... with kel..... WHY NOT!

I feel very special. This is just my saturday, huh?

No ((its shorrenn))

I find that if you have an amazing RP guild then your an amazing rp person all around :)
Name: Kreindis Blazestride
Age: 105 Years ( I think thats a Blood Elf adult age... )
Race / Class: Blood Elf Paladin
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black hair, Falcon styled, green eyes, and some visible cuts across his body.
Gear: Full body armor, much from Northrend. A large, gold, green, black, and red shield. A large one-handed sword normally wielded with his shield. And last, a small knife carried in his left boot.
Short Backstory: Kreindis grew up like any other Blood Elf would, for most of his life. Him and his brother wanted to be Paladins when they grew up, but their parents did not. So when the time came, Kreindis left with his brother. Later, their parents died of age. Eventually, Krei was separated from his brother in combat, where he died. A couple years went by of Kreindis being alone in life. But, then he discovered and joined the Rising Sun Fellowship, where since then he has made many friends, some enemies, and even found love.

Alright... done!
10/20/2012 09:00 PMPosted by Ihealedyou
I find that if you have an amazing RP guild then your an amazing rp person all around :)

Still, that makes me happy, haha!

I get to play with Allay some here, too.

Krei: Accepted
Name: John Landers

Age: 22

Race / Class: Human Mage

Gender: Male

Appearance (Without armor, imagine in simple clothes): John is somewhat thinner and shorter than the average human, but not by much. His brown hair about medium length, stopping right above his brows. It can often be found mess, usually in the mornings before it is combed. That is, if he decides to comb it that day. Stubble covers his jaw, giving him that five o' clock shadow on his face. On his ears, he has four small yet thick silver loops on his ears, two on each. Two would be on his lobes and a double helix on his left ear. While he isn't very muscular and lacks upper body strength, his legs are muscular and well toned, giving him exceptional foot speed and endurance… for a mage.

Gear (Weapons, armor, and anything you might pull from a pocket or have with you): John doesn't quite wear traditional robes, or robes for that matter. Rather, he wears clothes of that of a typical middle class Gilnean citizen, sporting a dark navy blue overcoat, a white shirt and a dark vest, some simple wool trousers and a pair of black leather boots. Nothing too out of the norm. The only different bits on him were his black leather gloves and a hood that could be tucked away within his over coat. One would not be able to tell that he is a mage at all, they would most likely assume he is an ordinary Gilnean citizen, but also giving him a bit of a shady look when his hood was up. Over his shoulder is a small brown leather satchel in which he carries herbs and other alchemic supplies.
As for weapons, he doesn't carry much; being a mage, he would prefer to shoot fire and ice and all that sort of thing.

Short Backstory: Born in Gilneas to a rather wealthy family, John had studied to become a mage at a very early age via private tutors. Over the years, John had become an educated man and a rather skilled mage; two things his father desperately wanted to see in his son. However, when John had told his father that he wanted to explore the world rather than stay in Gilneas to become a great mage, his father had gotten very upset and John decided to leave. When the forsaken had invaded the land, John had taken it as an opportunity to leave Gilneas and put his dream into action. Making it as far as Menethil Harbor, John had finally started his quest for knowledge of the outside world.
Name: Allaynna Kidrain (Allay)

Age: 28 at death

Race / Class: Human Death Knight

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short, well muscled, and pale, Allaynna stands just barely 5'4" tall. Her copper hair is mostly bound up in a loose bun. She frowns almost perpetually, and her skin is pale and sprinkled with scars: proof of a life as a warrior.

Gear: Silver and bronzed plate armor has seen heavy use, as has the broadsword the death knight wears strapped to her back. Around her neck sits a chain bearing a gold and gemmed engagement ring, and a silver symbol of the Light. On her right hand, she wears two silver rings engraved with small lettering.

Short Backstory: Born and raised in Stormwind as Allaynna Liams, she had to care for her younger sister after her father's death and mother's consequential withdrawal into her work. As a warrior, and a member of the army, she rose quickly through the ranks, becoming a lieutenant in 7 years at the age of 27.

After marrying the man of her dreams, and having a daughter, Allaynna returned to active duty in time to travel to the Plaguelands, where she fell prey to the Lich King's minions.

Raised as a death knight, the late Liams took the surname of a victim, becoming Allaynna Kidrain and continuing on in her fight against the Scourge after breaking free of the Lich King.

Now, she fights on through the endless days that stretch ahead of her, in Pandaria, she struggles with the effects of the Sha on her negative emotions.
Arrenn, accepted.
Name: Adrian Octavian

Age: 26

Race / Class: Human Marksman.

Gender: Male

Appearance (Without armor, imagine in simple clothes): 6'0, he has a muscular but slim build. Covered in scars from his multiple deployments to Outland, Northrend around Azeroth. Shortish black hair that always seems to be messy and slight facial stubble. Very bright green eyes.

Gear (Weapons, armor, and anything you might pull from a pocket or have with you): Plate armor vest covers his vital organs area, plate on his thighs front and back, and biceps and triceps to protect arteries. Knee pad on his right knee and black boots. His clothing is cloth with a green and black tiger striped pattern, he has leather gloves with reinforced knuckles and engineering goggles that enhance his vision in all sorts of conditions. Vest has magazine and utility pouches, and a large pouch hangs from his belt to drop empty magazines.

Weapons are a rifle, 20 inch long barrel that can unscrew down to a close-quarters sized carbine rifle, it has interchangable scopes. On his hip is a break-action revolver and two short swords cross his back. He has a backpack filled with survival tools, engineering tools and an assortment of first aid supplies. He carries grenades and breaching explosives as well.

Short Backstory: He grew up on a farm in Elwynn Forest with his brother, Dristis. They had a mostly stable family, his brother following their fathers foot steps into the life of a paladin (but eventually becoming a death knight) and Adrian had an uncanny marksmanship ability. At 18 he joined the military as a marksman. He was stationed in Stormwind as a Keep guard on a wall until the Dark Portal breached and the war in Outland began. He was quick to volunteer to go, and in a week was in Hellfire Peninsula, moving with the Alliance spearhead through the broken world. When Outland was stabilized, he went back to Stormwind to be with his family again for sometime before being redeployed to Northrend. Fighting in Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, and a short stint in Grizzly Hills and finally in Icecrown itself. More than half-way through his time in the Frozen North, he reached the rank of Master Sergeant.

After Arthas' defeat, he was stationed again in Stormwind, only to deploy when most needed in a small, fast moving hard hitting unit around Azeroth. He retired after doing his time, and now employs his skills for the betterment of the world.

I'll change anything that's needed.
I'm curious about the timing, but I'm not a giant time-line person, and don't know it too well, soo... unless I see something when I look into it that's glaring, accepted.

Welcome aboard, Dris!

Cool beans.

Is there any idea where these caves are located? Or just an uncharted mystery land?
Something like the latter, I was thinking south of Pandaria on an island somewheres...
Fantastic. As long as there's stuff for me to shoot.

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