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There will be, sooner or later.
Name: Lyrilia Dawnblade

Age: 118

Race / Class:
Blood Elf Warrior

Gender: Female

Appearance (Without armor): Lyrilia stands at 5'8, her build well-muscled, and skin fair but not too pale with a slight rosy tint. Her blonde hair is normally worn down, causing it to tend to get rather messy at times. A few small scars are scattered across her left hand, and a short one marks the top right side of her head, close to the hairline.

Gear: Her plate armor is coloured silver, off-blac, with pastel reds and yellows. The faceguard, chestpiece, and pauldrons are mostly the black outlined in silver, with small bits of the red and yellows. The rest of her armor is dominantly silver, with large streaks of yellow, and diamond-shaped details in the red and black. The faceguard only comes halfway up her face. She carries two well-made swords of a darkened steel, one of them visibly shorter than the other, the weapons are kept sharp, and free of blood. Her armor is well-worn, with various scratches and small dents, but is also kept clean and free of blood and dust...most of the time.

Short Backstory: Lyrilia, a former Blood Knight, was greatly humiliated when the error of their order's ways was brought to attention, her pride damaged and ego shattered. Leaving the Blood Knights soon after, she slunk back to her brother's house to sulk and mourn the death of her best friend and much of her family, blaming her friends death on herself. She grew quite close to her priestess sister, who also lived there, and soon accepted the new way of treating the light that her sister had been showing her. Leaving her brother's house soon after he married, and her sister became ill, she set off on a search for the cure of her sister's illness as a paladin.

Her faith in the light was often shaky, and completely left her with her sister's death soon after the death of the man she had grown to love, and met through the Rising Sun Fellowship. An organization that she had joined in hope of aid in her search, and had began to respect. With her faith in the light shattered and cousin offering her friend, a warrior trainer's help, she soon began her training as a warrior.

There kel >.> I did it!
Name: Arthien Dawnstrider

Age: 78

Race / Class: Blood Elf Warlock

Gender: Female

Appearance: Arthien is tall standing around 5' 10", her white blond hair falls down about halfway down her back, her eyes naturally are fel green, though covered by her robes her entire right are is covered in a demonic tattoo. Her body is thin, lacking any serious muscle mass, being a caster she hasn't had need of physical strength.

Gear: Arthien wears a elaborate red robe, embroidered in golden thread, she carries a small dagger more for show than combat, and a small black grimoire with demonic runes glowing faintly on the cover, she will occasionally read through it as she has done dozens of times. She usually carries a small supply of cooking ingredients for herself, and cloth in case damage comes to her robes.

Short Backstory: Arthien was the first born of four sisters, and the only one gifted in magic, she was sent to train in Dalaran at a young age once her parents had nothing left to teach her. After the destruction of Silvermoon, she learned her family had been killed, once the withdrawals set in she followed Kael'Thas and began siphoning fel energy, forgoing the path of a Mage, of the power of a Warlock. She currently 'serves' the Horde, simply as a conveniance for her more than loyalty.

Shorter than I wanted, but still not that great at desciptions.
Now I'm excited. I love it when I can tell there's a good story ahead. When do you think we'll start up? :3
Lyri and Dae, accepted.

Arrenn, probably tomorrow, I'm still prodding guild mates a bit, and hoping for another Alliance to balance out the Horde.

Kel's sign-up will come later
Imma put up a reserve sticker for my night elf priestess for when I get home tonight.
Reserve a spot for BE Holy Priest
Still open for an Alliance pally? I will post rest of information this evening.
Yes, yes, and yes.

No Cy for me? Poop.

Alrighty, working on Kel's sign-up.
Name: Kel'tira Sunblaze

Age: 115

Race / Class: Blood Elf Paladin

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall, lithe, and clearly mostly sure of herself, the woman has startling strawberry hair and piercing green eyes. Scars dot her body, from the jagged one that wraps around her right side, the relic of a run-in with a yeti, to the thin lines traced along the inside of her wrists. Clearly, she has led a harder life than most, but still carries herself like a noble.

Gear: Silver and gold armor, blue crystals, and a matching shield and well-used sword serve the paladin well. She wears a leather bracelet, and a tabard bearing the red background and white rising sun of her Fellowship. Affixed to the tabard is a pin, a dove holding a rose. In her boot rests a simple knife, one found again by chance after days of searching through the snow in Northrend.

She wears a wedding band, truesilver, with words etched into it, and the silver charms on the bracelet that adorns her left wrist jingle with every motion.

Short Backstory: Born as the youngest daughter to a noble family, when her older brother fell ill and died, and her sister was killed by lynxes, Kel was left in the first place of the progression of inheritance. Leaving her House before her brother died, she was cast out for her choices to stand aside from the traditional healers of her House.

When her sister died, Kel was forced to return with the tidings to her family, who turned her away again. After joining with the newly formed Rising Sun Fellowship, Kel learned her parents were ill, and her brother was dead. At that point, she returned with her husband, Nicias, to Silvermoon.

Taking over the leadership of House Sunblaze, Kel stepped up to lead the Rising Sun Fellowship when their current leader died. After a series of trials and tribulations, from her husband's disappearance, to her cousin, she is now burying herself in her work, trying to find faith to hope that Nicias will return, and that the Fellowship really does need her.

I really need to get Kel's story into a condensed bit.
Name: Reyara Leafblade

Age: 4376

Race / Class: night elf shadow priest.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Reyara stands 6'8" with pale blue skin and long white hair. She has a piercing on each ear along with claw tattoos that cross her eyes. She is in a fit physical condition but is obviously not a melee fighter. She oddly enough has no visible scars on her body.

Gear: Reyara wears ornate cloth that is shapped to look like faces with blind folds covering their eyes. She has a curved dagger on her hip and carries a staff with blades at the end in the shape of a cross. She carries a book on incantations for the shadow that she has come to embrace over the light of Elune.

Short Backstory: born during the long vigil As the first of three daughters to Sentinel Captain Lynara Leafblade; Reyara was born with a duel personality that only took root when her youngest sister was killed during the orcs first invasion of Ashenvale. Identifying itself as Ceyara, while Reyara was a kind woman Ceyara was cold and would to anything to protect herself. Reyara was banished from Ashenvale by her own mother under pain of death for a series of crimes Ceyara committed.

She wondered through the wastes of Desolace with Ceyara taking the time to slaughter a group of Centaur. Reyara fights to keep in control of her own body, claiming that it is hers and hers alone. A claim that Ceyara will rebuttal with the word "ours".

Eventually she found herself a place in Feralas where she was able to manipulate some local Tauren to make her a shelter. If there was one thing she was good at it was mind control of the weak willed. After promptly disposing of the Tauren she controlled into working for her she tried to live to herself. That was something Ceyara never took well.
Name: Cyaer Sunblaze

Age: 65

Race/Class: Sin'dorei Rogue

Gender: All male

Appearance: Tall, handsome lad, that carries himself with a confidence in himself and his abilities. His build is powerful, and he has kept himself in prime physical condition. His black hair is long, and he wears a small dark goatee. His eyes show a man of experiences and maturity for more than one who is so young.

Gear: Cyaer prefers to wear dark leathers. Preferably a hood that covers most of his face, and allows his eyes to be seen. He tends to wear the tabard of the guild he is proud to be a member in, the Rising Sun Fellowship. As for weapons, he prefers a big sword or mace on his right hand, and a dagger in his left. He also has several small knives placed strategically about his person, for those "just in case moments".

On a gold chain around his neck is the wedding ring his wife, Karamia made for their wedding. When not on the chain, it is on his left hand, worn proudly.

The short end of the story: Orphan in Silvermoon City. Later found to be the bastard son of a noble in House Sunblaze. Cousin to Kel'tira Sunblaze, but also her trusted friend, and brother in arms. Otherwise his family is the Fellowship. He believes in the tenets of his guild, and works hard to emulate them in his own life. Not your usual sneaky thief, he prefers direct confrontation and in your face battle. He is not subtle, but honest and forthright.

(I regret to inform the party that Azmos will be unable to attend the party, he had a previous engagement that he failed to remember, yeah, that's it, that's his story, just ask me I'll tell you.)
Lynara, Cy, accepted.

I'm closing sign-ups, reserves can get in, I'll get the IC thread up tomorrow evening.
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I'm closing sign-ups,


10/22/2012 05:39 PMPosted by Allaynna
reserves can get in

*sigh* ok working on Shorrenn right now.
My other thread seems to be stalling, so I shall turn my attention here for the moment.

Kel, are you wanting more Alliance? If so, I can pull out my rusty nelf hunter. Of course, she may not get along so well with the DK, but it would make for some interesting party dynamics. If you would prefer that I play horde, then I shall do that.
We're fairly well balanced, I'm expecting Jorym to be Alliance, and Srdots possibly, then Ihealedyou is Horde...

You could be anything!

I think both the Nelf or Auxi even would make for interesting dynamics. I would lean towards Horde, I suppose, because I don't know where Srdots is, or where/if Gear is.
Name: Jorym

Age/race/gender/class: 32 year old human male paladin

Appearance: A strong, rough individual, Jorym has blonde hair and beard. He takes pride in his appearance, and works out regularly to keep himself in peak shape. He has piercing deep blue eyes, and solid white teeth. He bears no jewelry or ornaments of any kind feeling such things lead to one's downfall through pride. He bears no scars, or markings of any kind believing the body is a temple through which the light focuses.

Gear: He wears his simple cobalt plate armor, and shield as a badge of honor, and bears the weapon of his choice in whatever the situation calls for. He is a simple man with simple tastes. And utilizes any magical items that builds his strength, stamina, or use of the light.

Backstory: Son of a very minor noble that showed promise with his skills in defense and the use of the light. He has worked hard to become a defender of the light, and a staunch supporter of the Alliance. His work with the Cenarian Expedition has opened his eyes to the possibilities of the Horde and the Alliance working together in peace. He believes in negotiations and peaceful talks before the use of force.

IC thread's up, Kel's walking towards a pavilion, Allay towards a cave, the two are on opposite sides of the mountains. Two entrances to the caves, have at it!
Name: Colph Delgiarde( Del-gee-ar-day)
Age: 23
Race / Class: Worgen/ Warrior
Gender: Male
Appearance (Without armor, imagine in simple clothes): Colph usually appears as a slim, black furred, and icy blue eye worgen. He learned how to control his worgen shift to the degree that allows him to to be much slimmer than he usually is in worgen form but it costs him some of his extra strength and speed. He transforms fully only when he has to which pretty much doubles his size.(What I'm trying to say here is that he usually has the build of what you would expect a blood elf with the worgen curse to look like, and no he isnt a blood elf/worgen. I was just using that as an example)
Gear (Weapons, armor, and anything you might pull from a pocket or have with you): Colph weilds a broadsword with a blade that looks like it is made of stone(it isnt) and a sheild made of iron that is in the shape of a tower. His armor is simple. They are copper color and have spikes are on his knee joints, elbow joints and shoulders. His final peice of armor is a silver chainmail cloak with a red design of an oak tree on it's back, his family crest.
Short Backstory: After leaving Gilneas Colph has traveled everywhere he thought he may be able to help, never really caring for the conflict between the alliance and horde. He would of been a druid if his family had been a farming one. Now he just wants to help others but he is wary of some of the races, the forsaken(for obvious reasons) and the humans, after his time in Stormwind and seeing how the people there are mostly not very accepting of new people, even if they were once human.
Colph, sign-ups are closed, but stay tuned, if someone with a reserve doesn't show, I can probably get you in.

It might work out that you get in anyways, let me see how things turn out with the last few people, though.

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