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I was going to get you a sign up today, but instead opted to get outside for some sunshine and pretty weather and went geocaching instead. Between that and a long afternoon of martial arts ahead of me, I am going to respectfully bow out of this since I do not see myself getting a sign up anytime before the weekend.
Geocaching is fun, as is outside today, or, it is here.

You have been forgiven, fear not.

Haha, but in all seriousness, I have it set up so that the Fellowship at least can drop in whenever they so choose, so it should work out if you would like to be in, we would love to have you.

Or, at least, I would.

Don't make me beg... I don't beg gracefully.
Yeah, she looks sorta pitiful begging...not that I have ever seen her beg...she's pretty proud and hoity-doity that way. Must be the Sunblaze blood flowing through our veins, eh?
My apologies, Miss Allaynna, I will not be able to proceed. A former engagement is needing my full attention for the next few weeks. I'm sorry. Good luck on your story thread!
Kel, is there any chance I could do a sign-up?

P.S. Would you mind if I did two? Obviously I want Tis in on this, but I have a Night Elf I think would fit pretty well in this.
I'm guessing the Horde and the Alliance are on different parts of the beach or island or whatever?

What do you need for another sign up?

I'm just gonna throw down a reserve for now.
Jorym, I'm sorry to hear that, good luck!

Arrenn, yes, Horde is east, Alliance is west.

Tis, go for it, since we haven't heard back from a couple.

Lia, same for you. As for what we need...? Either or, Horde or Alliance, up to you.
Ill post when I can. Adrian has a multitude of incendiary and flares, and he can take point in the cave with a nightvision setting on his goggles.
Name: Tislina Dawnrunner

Age: 104

Race / Class: Blood Elf Mage

Gender: Female

Appearance (Without armor, imagine in simple clothes): Tall, lean and fit. Tislina stands slightly taller than the average blood elf. She has the usual pinkish-white skin and green eyes of a blood elf. She likes to keep her blonde hair down.Tislina is nicely built.

Gear (Weapons, armor, and anything you might pull from a pocket or have with you): Tislina wears long purple robes, embroided every so often with gold. Because of her magic, she does not usually carry weapons on her personal. Should the need arise, Tislina has the ability to pull weapons out of thin air. More often then naught, she chooses either a sword with a blade that shifts between purple, red and blue, or a long staff topped with a green and light blue crystal. Her only jewlry is a crescent-moon necklace Kreindis gave to her. And if you were to look in one of her bags, you would most likely discover some type of book.

Short Backstory: Tislina grew up as the youngest of five siblings. During the initial attack on the Sunwell, both of her parents were killed, leaving Tislina, her brother, and her four other sisters orphaned. Tislina was always closest to the oldest sibling, her brother Tavarus. His life wasn't easy. He balanced paladin training and several jobs so he could sustain his sisters. All the same, he always had time for Tislina. Eventually, Tavarus was dispatched to Northrend, where he perished at the claws of a blue dragon. Heartbroken, Tislina looked to her sisters. The night the news was delivered, a fight broke out between the siblings. Tislina tried to keep the peace, but spell met blade, and in the end all four sisters departed, leaving Tislina alone. Tislina would not see any of her sisters again, until a number of years later her oldest sister would turn up. Tislina decided to go ahead with her plans to train as a mage, where she later found she had a natural talent for magic. For a long time, she stayed in Silvermoon, looking for a place to belong until the day she came across a flyer for the Rising Sun Fellowship. Today, Tislina is extremely happy. She feels at home with the Fellowship and even found someone to love her. One day, Tislina wants to become an archmage. And that day may very well be coming soon.
Name: Alanna Starsinger

Age: 3,492

Race / Class: Night Elf Hunter

Gender: Female

Appearance (Without armor, imagine in simple clothes): Alanna is tall and lean. She has a very well muscled back and shoulders from years of pulling back her bow string. Her skin has a slightly dark pinkish hue. Alanna has long purple hair that she often wears down, though on occasion she puts it up. She has the signature long ears and pale eyes of all night elfs.

Gear (Weapons, armor, and anything you might pull from a pocket or have with you): Alanna wears dark purple and silver chain mail that she forged herself. She always carries her bow which is white with whispy silver lines here and there. Her only other visible weapon is a long bladed sword at her waist. Alanna also has several knives on her personal. Some of these knives include but are not limited to: One in her sleeve, one on her leg, one at her belt, and a hunting knife in her boot.

Short Backstory: For as long as Alanna can remember, she had lived in the wild. She grew up in the wilderness, learning how to hunt, what plants were good for what, befriending animals, and learning how to take care of herself. As time drew on, Alanna eventually left her woods to see the world, wondering what else was out there. Her greatest weakness: Socialization. Having grown up alone, Alanna was never good at making friends with others. Many saw her as an outsider, and some were slightly fearful for her. Alanna wasn't particularly bothered. She was mistrusting and was reluctant to let people into her life, and still is today. She did find one friend in a fellow night elf hunter called Vandor. Alanna will regular visit with her friend, but she has never become quite used to the company of and large cities. As a result, she stays in the woods.
Welcome aboard, Tis!
Here's the deal:

Anyone out on the beach will feel like they're being watched. Anyone who explores deeper into the cave will find it appears to end about 15 yards back.

For now, just go with it, in the morning they can go into the cave.
Hmm... Cy, can you edit that post so as to not have it be your watch yet? I need to further things a bit, and Dae needs to find us.

Alliance: I'll get a post for Allay up in a bit.
Sorry guys, I haven't been on at all this weekend. :S Been out. I'll get my post up after I settle back in.
I've been doing this bit where I type my post and close the window before submiting it... I'll get Allay's up, and move things along with my TM powahs.
I'll get something up later!

Happy Halloween!
Kel, Cyaer isn't asleep, and will take the next watch when it becomes available. Let Tislina sleep.
Oh Cy, how kind of you!

Happy Halloween! Oh and All Hallows Eve.

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