The Fears That Rise And Strike (OOC/Signups)

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Name: Krystala Dawnshadow

Age: 275, though looks younger

Race / Class: Sind'dorei Shadow Priest (Or general Shadow user)

Gender: Female

Appearance: The 'woman', as her age would indicated, looks nothing of a woman at all, in fact, she looks more like a child. Standing at at least 4'8, she has the features of a young Sin'dorei teenager than anything else. She has long ebony hair that reaches half way down her back, possibly a bit longer, which is never tied back and is usually tucked into a hood that she normally wears. Her eyes are a shimmering jade green, and she carries a athletic build for one that looks so young, at least to the usual standards. The cause of this look was not the cause of magic of any sort, in fact she herself doesn't know how she looks the way she does, but she never really complained.

Gear: She wears two sets of clothing; a outer layer and a inner layer. Her inner layer consists of a sleeveless and thick cloth top and a pair of shorts, the top having a hood attached to it, her outer layer is also sleeveless, but covers her from neck to ankle, the symbol of a white star with a black symmetrical dagger in the middle. For weapons she carries a katana, the blade pitch black from the dark magics she has casted on it. This Katana's blade with be almost as tall as her if stuck into the ground, other than that she has a variety of dark spells she can use.

Short Backstory: No one really knows much about Krystala....when she was young, she was thrown into a dark room for studying shadow magic, which her father told her not to study or dwell into in any way. She stayed there for two weeks with little food or water given to her, until to strange shadow priests appeared to her and offered her help. She killed much of her family, but no one knows how she managed thing was for sure though. She didn't do it alone.

Name: Coron Moonblade

Age: Unknown. He keeps it secret

Race / Class: Kaldorei Druid of the Talon

Gender: Male

Appearance: Coron stands at a proud 7'6, with a mane of dark blue hair and eyes the color of amber. He carries an athletic build, his handsome face always cleanly shaved of any facial hair, and is covered from neck to toe in tribal tattoos. Most of these are pretty much just vines and leaves in a tribal format, but there are three more noticeable tattoos that would stand out. One on the right side of his chest which looks like a black raven, one on his back that looks like a panther made of shredded leaves, and then a dragon that hugs his right eye, it's maw opened a fierce and silent roar.

Gear: For a Druid of the Talon, his choice of armor is rather....Rogue-ish, in nature. It's dark blue, more looking like the Assasination set just with out the bulky shoulder pads. It covers him from head to toe with no openings unless his facial mask is pulled down, which kind of defeats the purpose of him having tattoos, but he has them anyway. On the right shoulder pad there would be a dagger, and he always carries around his blue elementium scythe. Other than that he has Druidic magic to his disposal and is a alchemist, which would be resembled with the waist pouches around his waist.

Short Backstory: Any recent history with Coron would be his efforts in the War of Hyjal, where he served as a messenger and a fighter that choose certain groups of Legion forces to strike and take out to try and ease the load. It was there that he lost his older brother and parents to a Infernal which roared from the sky and landed near them, the blast wave killing them. He usually now lives with his two younger sisters, or is located at the Shrine of Aviana, where he spends most of his time with a few of his fellow Talons who like to call themselves the 'Assassins' of the Druids more than anything.


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We are in pitch darkness now, aren't we?
There's glowy stuff on the walls, but it isn't very strong.
anything said in a raised voice echoes, the other party can hear it. Kel is speaking in both Common and Orcish, although for our purposes, and I think lore, they're the same. this still open for sign ups? I saw this, but I had account problems for the past, I don't know, month and a half or so and I just got everything back to normal.
I could have Adrian drop a flare down the chasm. How do you want it to happen, like how deep, should it fall from view, etc.
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Alright, I'm thinking this over, and just... for the sake of this, and I think I might be right, but isn't there some universal language in lore?

If not, we're rolling with people being able to communicate.
Not that I can think of.

All I can imagine is a broken common.
Hrm... alright, well, my forum post just got eated, so let me retype it, then I'll post.

We're going with everyone being able to communicate, because Kel will lose patience quickly with being translator, and that gives everyone else some more leeway.
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