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10/20/2012 09:50 PMPosted by Carianate
Lonesome George

I personally met this turtle when I was 7. The most famous person I have met was not an actual person, but a turtle.
I've found many of these things :D
theres a nice class based trinket laying in a cave forgot where it is but you go underwater to get in the cave its a quest also in dread waste i belive where you fend off attackers from him found it the other day on my monk :)
Also inside the Shrine of Fellowship where you restored balance to the hammer is a reference to Samwise Didier, an artist at Blizzard and the creator of the Pandaren.

Sam the Wise
<The Metal Brewmaster>

Samwise is also the singer for the Elite Tauren Chieftains band. He provides the voice for Samuro, the Orc.

He says these things:

"I would do anything for love. But i won´t do that. At least, not right away"
"What is best in life? Brothers, Ballads and Beer! "
"I like my woman like I like my beer: full-bodied."
"When dawn rises, the hammer shall fall"
For the Golden Lotus dailys sometimes you will get a quest to kill Cracklefang. He is a direct reference to the Great Grey Wolf Sif from Dark Souls. A rather hard optional boss fight.
Sam the Wise: The metal brewmaster.

I forget exactly where he is, but I saw him in Jade Forest.

It should be obvious who this is a reference too.

Edit: Someone beat me to it lol.
Zhu's watch in krasarang wilds is a reference to the mass effect series' Zhus hope.

Both are outposts with a small amount of villagers/colonists.

Both are suffering from some type of infection caused by a monstrous being underground. The thorian being it for mass effect and the sha of despair being the one for MOP.

The player must restore HOPE to Zhus watch, since the sha of despair ( a monster underneath the town) has infected the villagers with despair. Ergo Zhus Hope. :)
Not sure but....there's a few I noted the obvious reference to Neverending story giant turtle story time face in lorewalkers room. The title for some of the Anglers gave me a chuckle. Also the clam smoking reminds me of Mr. Limpet movie.
10/24/2012 05:33 PMPosted by Mirs
Any of you explorers find the in-game reference to something that happened in the Mists of Pandaria trailer?

An achievement spot for those that don't know is the Shrine of Fellowship 32/33 (this is where the walkway starts to the top) keep an eye out for anything clickable.

Blizzard confirmed for only reading thread titles.

Players confirmed being snarky, nit-picky trolls.
During the August Celestial dailies, you fat Fat-Long Fat. Afterwards you receive mail from him that asks why you fight.
There are some nice shacks in the waters north of the Kun Lai where I sometimes take my closest friends to RP. It's nice to have somewhere to sit down and have a chat where you won't get interrupted by people.
There's the creepy references. The goldshire children, the random ghosts that will attack you if you put down AOE... There's the really, terribly creepy place in outland with all those cages, and random babies and piles of bloody bones.

anyone able to give co ordinance for the cages?

Bit of a necro but good thread
I found the turtle today and was lead to this thread, i know of most of these but it still makes me so happy to see new ones in the list.
Li-Chun The Street Fighter....

Chun-Li from Street Fighter, aka Thunder Thighs.

No one got this?
Lo Ping in Townlong Steppes...disappointed he wasn't a gnome though :(.

Fargo, you had your chance there.
What about Cornan
<The Barbarian>
I think most people already know this but the quest in Valley of the Four Winds where you take LiLi around to the various landmarks there's a hidden cave behind the waterfall of one of the quest objectives. She even says something like, "you should always check for hidden caves behind waterfalls". And in the cave is a dead pandaran called Noone Flynn and there's a BoA polearm next to him and a chest with 100g inside. I'm pretty sure his name is from that action movie The Librarian: Quest For The Spear and it's a combination of the two main characters names.
In Blackrock Depths all of the characters from HBO's "Oz" are in the cells in the prison area if you open the doors
I wonder if this is a reference to the Drunken Clam from Family Guy.
If you walk from the Orc starting zone, to Orgrimmar, there's an NPS named "Tednug" with a lion named "Catscratch" pretty awesome

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