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not sure if this was mentioned, but in vale, there is a daily that is sometimes given (near where you do the daily to avoid fireworks for 60 seconds) - roll club.

first rule of roll club, is you dont talk about roll club (oops)
second rule of roll club, if its your first time, you roll

then you get a neat quest where you go up on the wall and roll down it - avoiding things, making jumps, etc.

there's a pretty big yak in dread wastes that has a ton of health. he drops a use item with three charges - the item is him and allows you to create him as a mount and ride....only prob is you only control the turning....meaning, he will just start running.
I recently watched the TV series lost and there is a part where they find this mysterious hatch on their veiled island and in krassong on an island there is a hatch with a bunch of skeletons around it and a note with a reference to the show that spawns there sometimes.

There's also a mysterious hatch with mysterious numbers somewhere in Sholazar (sp?) Basin.
Haven't read all of the posts so I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned it. In the Widening Deep I noticed a female Pandaren that just rolls around all over the place and her name is .... wait for it..... yes, Adele.

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