<VoW>(25) 4/6MV Looking for a raid group?

<Veterans of Wrathgate> is the Level 25 late night guild. Right now we've got a solid core of players who are progressing in Vaults at a steady progressive rate. For being under-geared we're doing quite well. It's merely getting mechanics of fights down, and not getting a !@#$ty group for the dogs each week (Jasper Cobalt Jade sucks, btw).

Since we're not looking for more players for THAT group, I thought I would mention we DO have several other members itching to raid. Unfortnately we don't have enough currently to make a second group. That's where you might come in!

We have need for:

  • 1-2 Tanks (We have a standby tank, but he may wish to raid on his rogue, this is entirely up to him however). With at least one of those tanks having a strong DPS off-spec. Preference given to Warrior tanks.
  • 2-3 Healers. AoE healing is a must, and we'd prefer Druids, Shamans and Paladins. We have at least one Shaman healer who knows what she's doing, but a Druid for Innervate, Tranquility and Battle Rez is a MUST. We currently have a member who has a hunter and a druid healer and is working on gearing them both, and may bring one or the other to the raids.
  • 3-5 DPS. All DPS Classes. No real need here aside from covering all buffs. A mix of melee and ranged preferred (don't want one side too heavy for some fights).

  • We're trying to make the composition work for the fights as well, but we're not going to force someone into a specific spec or kick someone from a raid for being the wrong class.

    As for raid times, that is TBD simply because we could keep with a late night theme for the second group, but it really matters what would work best for the most members of that group.

    What are we NOT looking for?

    Divas, Drama Mongers, and people who are so obsessed with loot they refuse to run with anyone of the same class. We're all adults here, and we're all mature enough to not get bent out of shape if someone rolls against us on a piece of gear.

    About us: We're a fun loving group of people who have been raiding together in various ways for about a year now. We were part of another guild but splintered off to focus more on what we viewed as a more progressive and aggressive format of playing. We're not a hardcore group of individuals, but we do get the job done. We all have thick skin, and we're all adults, so our raids can be fun and hectic, and we're not afraid to tell someone when they've screwed up, or when they've done an awesome job.

    Respect is key.

    Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? Send myself, Rowdee, or Cerinne a tell in game and hash it out!
    We have no website currently, but that is pretty much our application process. We won't give you the 3rd degree, but we do want to get to know potential members.

    The usually raiding perks apply. Free repairs for all your characters up to 400g daily (even when not raiding, but for new members it is limited to 100g daily until they pass the probation period of two weeks or sooner at officer discretion). We also supply all flasks, applicable potions and food buffs for free during raids. This applies to ALL members.

    EDIT: Still looking! We've got a few nice prospects, but we really want to round out the second group and make it its own thing, instead of a group reliant on alts, etc. If you're curious come on and give us a try!

    We're currently 4/6 in Vaults and going for a full clear this Friday/Saturday.

    <Veterans of Wrathgate> is looking for people who want to raid ASAP in our forming second group. Send a tell in game to Disinfection, Cerinne, or Rowdee (Or any member online to see if they are on an alt) if interested to see if we'd be a good fit for one another.

    Free Repairs for all members between 100-400g daily based on rank and free Flasks, and food buffs for all raiding members during raids.
    Also if I'm not on this toon I'm usually on my priest Nittasayuri or my lock Nezera , because someone's gotta get our high level enchanting and tailoring for guild ;p.
    And to show a visual representation of my existance
    Damn you and your alts.

    This is my other I'm leveling currently. (Dis) so if you see any of these chars on, go ahead and send a tell our way.
    Still looking for some late nighters!
    Also to note we are 4/6 atm
    Updated the OP to reflect our awesomeness.

    Come join the guild that TIME Magazine was calling 'A bunch of elitist aholes. Seriously, these people call themselves adults?'
    I have not posted in this recruitment thread yet. So moo.
    Still looking for a solid DPS to fill our raid group for our Fri Sat late night fun. Inquire myself, Takii, Nezera, or Disinfection for more information.
    And dis needs to edit the title bc we are 6/6 not 4/6
    While Disinfection attempts to make us sound all uppity, I shall add something.

    The statement about us not looking for divas or drama mongers is entirely false.
    Also we needs moar melee dps. Where'd all the feral druids go? I needs a kitty.
    Stilll need a late night raiding home? We are 6/6 and working on HOF (hopefully without our sever end messups) Any druid, rogue, hunter monk are welcome, (yes monk) so hit me up for more infos. (and to note prob will need a dps for our normal raid this weekend as it is, so hit me ingame if u wanna a vaults normal clear and some HOF action)

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