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TLDR version: We have epic covert-op/assassin cult/crime organization style RP. We're not a guild, so there is nothing to join, just a group of friends. Also, our RP is not restricted by class. So, yes we do take more than just rogues. We accept all classes. Check out our site at


Brotherhood of the Blade. The Dark Winds. Death's Kiss. The Hand. Order of Shadow. The Black Bureau. The Blades. Through the exploits of myth and rumors they have many names. They are the Blackblades.

“I heard their leader is really a ghost! They walk through walls and assassinate their victims!”

“Ha ha! No. Their leaders is a monster born in a dark corner of the nether. With glowing blood red eyes they slither through the dark like a snake, slicing the throats of Horde enemies.”

“Foolishness. There is no such thing as the Blackblades.”

“Yea? How do you explain that merchant that showed up dead last week? The guards found in his home a ledger connecting him to a band of bandits stealing Horde supplies, and the merchant selling them back to the Horde for double the price! Then suddenly the merchant is dead in his own home, no one even touching him?”

“Bah! It was a heart attack.”

“I am not so sure. They say there was strange shadows moving outside the merchants house the night of his death. And they say they found the supposed Blackblade calling card on his doorstep.”

“Calling card?"

"A black rose dipped in the victim's own blood."

By the Orcs they are known as the Eyes of the Ancestors, or by the learned, individually known as Gul’roks, masters and aspirants of the Gun’thok fighting styles. By the Trolls they are called Deh’yo Tikal, an ancient Zandali phrase loosely meaning “Shadow Tusk”; by the Shu’halo they are rumored to bear the name Anohe Hetawa a Taurahe word loosely meaning “Ghost Walker”. In Pandaria they are The Night Lotus, in Silvermoon the Ilum'nishar. Even the goblins have a name for them - The Nera Society.

Together they are none of these, and far more than these. They are One.

The tidal sands of leaders, wars and interests for the Horde must always shift, but the Blackblades remain an evolving constant. They are the shadowy, silent tempest that whips the waves into their beach sundering fury. They are the still, invisible calm that rests and prepares the fates of a vast many.

"We are not the whole of the Shattered Hand, but we are Shatteered Hand."

The Blackblades are a subterfuge, covert-ops, and skullduggery themed organization with hints of cult-like structure and dark minor-mysticism practices based on and within the Shattered Hand of the Horde. Think of us as one portion of the Hand, a finger of the hand if you will, that acts within the parameters and themes we have decided upon for our interpretation of the Shattered Hand.

“The Shattered Hand’s influence dominates these lands. We are the Eyes that guide many Hands. We are the veil which covers Kalimdor: The protectorates, the police, the judges, the jury, and ultimately, the executioners. We see all, we know all. ...
Primary Objectives

The Blackblades have one prime directive - Ensure the survival and prosperity of the denizens of the Horde.

Blackblades are willing to accomplish this continuously sought after goal by nearly an means at their disposal, even through methods which most may consider underhanded, dishonorable, or even evil. Blackblades work within the greater picture of reality, understanding that at times drastic measures must be taken for the greater good. Ultimately, they are an order for the people. However, due to their methods their identities are hidden, and even the order itself is something of a myth perpetrated by the actions and rumor mongering of the operatives.


To most, He is known as The Farmer. An enigmatic figurehead of considerable power within the Shattered Hand. And it is He that is their cryptic leader. Some (Blackblades included) even say he is the true leader of the whole of the Shattered Hand. For those who believe the gruesome legends, his name was once Go’shek Ghostface, and among old Orcs or operatives of the Shattered Hand - he is rightly and greatly feared.

A wide assortment of tales, some with multiple versions, chronicle the alleged identity, agenda, and history of The Farmer. One tale among them, however is almost unanimously agreed upon, but even the Blackblades sacred Tome of Truth (the only collection of Blackblade chronicles in existence depicting the correct history, exploits, and missions of the order) warns against taking the order's understanding of the tale of The Farmer at face value.

The Farmer never does business face to face; always through messages, and round-about ways, tugging on the strings of society from the shadows. It is said after his rise to power within the Shattered Hand he become aware of things that even operatives of his order could not accomplish, even lines they could not force themselves over, and it was to his desire to build a force within the Shattered Hand which could surpass even the most skilled of his agents.

Then the subtle actions and methods of one troll in particular within the Horde's military caught his attention. The Farmer having sent his best spies to watch this troll they relaid intell reports, sometimes often explaining how the troll managed to slip away from their watch without their understanding of how he had done so. The Farmer dug deeper and discovered that not only was this troll a member of an ancient order of trolls, the Deh'yo Tikal, who worked in similar methods liken to that of the Shattered Hand, but he was also a Master of one of it's sects. An order of trolls so ancient, secretive and proficient in their crafts that not even he was previously aware of their existence. And so it was unto this that the fabled Farmer sought to recruit this troll who had drawn his intrigue into the Shattered Hand and have this troll build him a unit of the Hand's most elite, teaching others the minor-mysticism methods he utilized. This troll, Githnij who came to be known as "The Butcher" due to his scalping and extracting the hearts of his enemies on the battlefield, agreed.

Yet, The Farmer did not stop there. Having placed Githnji in charge of leading this unit the troll brought with him the teachings of his ancient order, yet The Farmer pondered other such methods to empower his operatives and began looking to the cultures of the Horde for similar such knowledge of subterfuge. He sent his most trusted of agents to delve into the forgotten elusive past lessons spanning Azeroth and Outland to bring them together in one unified order of covert operatives.

The Farmer's agents went to the eldest of the Tauren and discovered the nearly lost to time ways of the Anohe Hetawa, which have given rise to some of the Tauren's superstitious hunting beliefs, yet when practiced in earnest reveal more mystical understandings of shadowy tactics.

They went to uncharted tombs and hidden alcoves of Outland and unveiled timeworn and tattered manuscripts in orcish calligraphy of the Gun'thok fighting styles and deceptive methods to gain an advantage over ones foe. These too exemplary of mystically empowering the practitioners through forms of taboo Gun'thok ancestor invokings.

Even the forsaken had something to offer in knowledge with their Lightslayers and Death Stalkers.

Indeed The Farmer sought out knowledge and tools to utilize from every culture of the Horde. And so any denizen of the Horde be they Blood Elf, Goblin, Troll, Orc, Tauren, Forsaken, or Pandaren is capable of joining the elusive order of the Shattered Hand's elite, The Blackblades.
Good thing I read that letter.
Just what are the Blackblades? We are a group of RPers who enjoy a specific style of covert-op, secret society RP. We are NOT a guild, but rather friends often spread across several guilds. If you think this sort of RP may by fun for you too you are welcome to join us. We have a site with more detailed information and in-depth lore to suit your taste as well. Simply, visit .
This is pretty awesome.
10/23/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Volkuza
Good thing I read that letter.

Hey, I was trying to give you and the others a heads up before I started rolling things out, but yea I am moving fast, because I've been sitting on my laurels too long.
10/23/2012 12:23 PMPosted by Sreek
I can register at this site, yes? :o

So, it was you sending out letters with the Dirk's a little while ago?
This was some of the most interesting and best Rp I had ever had, back when it was just a branch. Gith can REALLY get the story told and the feeling going.
10/23/2012 12:31 PMPosted by Keinis
So, it was you sending out letters with the Dirk's a little while ago?

I'll let you believe whatever you want to believe.
10/23/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Githnji
So, it was you sending out letters with the Dirk's a little while ago?

I'll let you believe whatever you want to believe.
I'll take that as a no then.
Bump in disguise.
*Burst into the thread cool-aid man style*

Really happy to see you doing this Gith! I think this will work out GREAT!

Good Luck :)
YES GOOD. Cannot wait to get this rolling :D
- transfers all of his Horde characters to MG, hurls each and every one of them at Githnji-

This sounds absolutely amazing.

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