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I've always meant to ask -- If a secret society were exoteric, would it still be secret?
02/03/2013 03:36 PMPosted by Pylsur
I've always meant to ask -- If a secret society were exoteric, would it still be secret?

Guild exoteric, as in it exist outside of guilds in the since that it is not tied to any guild. But I understand your pun.
"Rumor has it Blackblades are creatures of pure shadow who mask themselves as denizens of the Horde by wearing the skin of their victims." --Anonymous
Purported to been birthed from a black marsh
-Where orc and draenei blood was drove,
She gives new understanding to the word harsh
- Her name, new Blackblade initiates do loath,
First of the Shadow Masters, "The Halfbreed," named to fit like a glove .

Raised in gladitorial bout dens
- To all foes set before her, she was bane,
A Drakkari who leaves wounds like fountains
- Second Shadow Master - "The Sorrow," her name
For in her memories live horrors which would dive others grief stricken insane.
"I - I saw one once!" frantically whispered a nervous Blood Elf. His hands trembled slightly, nursing a mug of grog, as he stood at the bar counter of the Wyvern's Tail tavern. "A - a thing. It moved in sickly slow fluid motions and sudden jerks - like twitches. A long tongue flicking in and out of it's mouth. With a ba-barbed tip as long as a troll's arm at the end of it! Slithering in the air." The elf shudders and peers around suspiciously. "It did-didn't see me. Out in the country side of Tirisfal." Quickly, a long chugging of the intoxicating beverage was gulp down by the elf in attempt to calm his nerves. "A Blackblade for sure; standing over the corpse of a slain human. The air was so cold that night. After that, all I remember is running until I could not anymore."
Even the shadows fear this name
- To all those who know him he is life’s bane
A troll whose name is whispered in fear
- Githnji “The Butcher” is now here.
For the Shephard of the Shadows is always watching.

A calm spirit and gentle soul
- A she-troll whose power is untold
A dancer for the Loa, a woman of many names
- Known to most as simply “The Lifegiver”
Among trolls, her power is her fame.
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Death's winds howl. The Blackblades come.

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