Can't self heal worth anything in MoP

In WotLK and Cata I could generally self heal through most combats. Now... I die. The only power I seem to have that gets me through a bad spot are my feral wolves. Healing Totem doesn't seem to help, neither does Ancestral Guidance. And my Healing Wave and Greater Healing Wave are gone. I only have enough mana to cast Healing Surge twice, maybe 3 times.

What am I missing?!? I'm tired of dying because I pull one extra mob. I'm an Enhancement Shammy! I should be able to do better!
Get glyph of Healing Storm.

It helps a bunch but our self and offheals are still such poop.

hybrid healing needs to get nerfed.... except for elemental and enhancement. those are low enough already.
Enhancement heals are worthless without glyph of healing storm and 5 stacks of maelstrom weapon.
Your gear is also bad
10/24/2012 03:13 AMPosted by Rude
Your gear is also bad

OP isn't 90, so...
Thanks for the info on the Glyph. I'll try that out.
PvP power also helps. Some.

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