Soggy's Gamble Quest Chain

I have a 90 pally that did most of dread wastes quests including all at Soggy's gamble. However On this char, I did all of Dread Waste (available) working on all dailies for Klaxxi each day that I can. I am doing the 3 dailies for The anglers faction. I have not done the quest chain for Soggy's Gamble and I do not see any quests pertaining or leading to him and that area in Dread wastes.

Were those quests available to only 1 char on my acct and none others? That seems unlikely blizz would do that.

Can someone direct me to an NPC or a quest to get me started at Soggy's? I know soggy's quest chain adds to Anglers faction, otherwise I wouldn't even bother.

Thank you in advance.
Yeah please, i have the same problem:/ i need do dailys in that map . ill greateful for some help about it. bye
If you're having an issue like this, make a thread on Bug Report Forum. Blue may read this forum but rarely/never answer things here.
The quest "Mazu's Breath" should be available to you from Deck Boss Arie once you are level 89 without having done anything else in Dread Wastes. There is a breadcrumb that leads to this called "Gambling Problem" from Ambersmith Zikk, but as a breadcrumb it is not needed. Once you complete "Mazu's Breath", you should be offered "Fresh Pots" and "You Otter Know" which will lead you to the rest of the Soggy's Gamble quests.

If you are not offered "Mazu's Breath" immediately I would expect this is a problem and should be reported to Blizzard.
In a previous patch it may have been possible to bypass the Dread Wastes quests and go straight to Soggy's Gamble, but if so it's not the case anymore.

I visited Deck Boss Arie hoping for some quick Anglers rep and she told me "You wanna be part of Soggy's crew? Then you're gonna start at the bottom like everyone else." LOL!

(This is one of the first threads to pop up when searching the web for info about the Soggy's Gamble questline, so I'm posting here not to bump the thread, but so the information will be readily available to others who are looking. You have to start at "the bottom" this case Bowmistress Li in Dread Wastes.)
Same issue here. Any update?

I just went after this line of quests to get the Angler rep from Soggy's Gamble (total of 2040 rep achieved, when you finish those) & from there to get the Angler's Wharf Dailies to open up. Since it was confusing on what we had to do in order to get this started, I wanted to post this for others to clear up at least a little bit of confusion over what it takes to get Soggy's Angler rep quests to become available for you. In order to get started with Soggy, you first have to do a few quests @ Klaxxie - as soon as my rep with Klaxxie turned to Friendly, I decided to fly back to Soggy's Gamble & see if hopefully the Angler's quest line was opened up for me, now-and it was. I am not sure if the Ambersmith Zikk info from above still applies, or if you only need to do a couple quests instead of the 6-7 or so that we did @ Klaxxie. I don't know for sure; but I think it may have to do with our Klaxxie rep turning to Friendly. I stopped doing the Klaxxie quests at that point, and started in on the Soggy/Angler quest line, then moved on over to Anger's Wharf to start doing the dailies there. You can try just doing 1 or 2 Klaxxie quests & checking to see if Soggy's people will then talk to you, but if not just get your Klaxxie rep to Friendly & try then.

If you are going for the Raft with Angler's Rep, remember that you will get that at Revered, and don't have to go all the way to Exalted. It can go quicker if you pick a week that has a 10% added rep bonus (such as when the Darkmoon Faire arrives & you can get that buff, or stock up on some Darkmoon Faire hats that have the buff--they cost 10 tickets each from the guy who has the artwork booth on the right-hand side--or during various events/holidays that have buffs). That will help with any rep you are doing, 10% each day can add up nicely.

Also, if it matters to you, please note that if you want the extra rested XP from staying in an Inn overnight, the Inn @ Angler's Wharf is NOT active, so you need to fly to a nearby Inn elsewhere.

GRAND COMMENDATION OF THE ANGLERS: Oh-and you may also want to buy that Grand Commendation of the Anglers 100% rep bonus that you buy one time & it will work for all your toons, but ONLY buy it for ONE of your toons. Don't waste your gold for it on any other alts, because it will only work once, but unfortunately they let you buy it anyway but then you cannot sell it back! :( So, buy it ONCE with the first toon you get to Revered Angler's rep, but you MUST CLICK ON THE STAR next to the Rep line name (in this example, Angler's) to activate that star for each & every alt, or it won't engage & you'll miss out on that extra bonus rep gain for each toon that doesn't have the star activated. You do that by going to your Character screen, choosing the Reputation tab, then look on the left-hand side next to the different rep names, and click on the empty star symbol...once you have activated that Commendation with the toon that purchased it, you can then go and activate it on each alt's Character screen/Reputation tab.

Hope that helps some of you avoid the confusion we went through today!
The only requirement to "open up" Anglers dailies is to reach level 90. Soggy's Gamble quests have nothing to do with it, all they provide is extra rep.

And for the sake of future searches, these are the Dread Wastes quests necessary to unlock the Soggy's Gamble quests (for the extra Anglers rep, and/or the "Like a Deck Boss" portion of the zone achievement):
You need to have completed this quest:

It will grant you the first part of the achievement "Dread Haste Makes Dread Waste" which I believe is the key to opening up the Soggy's Gambit quest area.

When I started searching the only quest I had available was "Concentrated Fear" from Ambersmith Zikk. Completing this unlocked the required quest "A Cry From Darkness" given by Kor'ik
Did the quest lines change for this? I've already completed the quest line that is supposed to open the dailies at Soggy's but they're not showing up at all for me.

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